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mental health carers support One officer sits down while two people talk into any of his ears. Officer must thence write down what he’s able to hear. He says, all were specially trained on dealing with homeless people and mental illness problems, as part of that program. Chief Beck says the officers involved in the shooting were assigned to the department’s Safer Cities Initiative, that launched in 2005 to deal with problems of crime on Skid Row. What’s more, officers in that program are given priority to attend the LAPDs week long Mental Health Evaluation Training. In that unit, officers are trained in a 2 1/’2hour’ course that updates the six training hours all cadets get in the police academy.a couple of carers commented that a lot more services exist day than when they started caring many years ago, including services for younger carers and things like free travel passes.

mental health carers support One carer found a support group ‘depressing’ as long as it reminded her that she since people from their backgrounds were ‘expected to be strong’ and manage without support. Have you used any services, carer services yourself? Some support groups were for people from particular ethnic communities, that meant people could use their own language. In other groups, some needed a translator to participate fully, and when this was not available, it going to be difficult to understand others.Because of their circumstances, it difficult for I actually show her the letter so. While filling in forms or writing letters, and more general and similar training courses while others got I go to carers. I’ve got people they’re coming, cut themselves in front of me, and asking for help, and all this things. You have some backing. I was lucky the person who wrote the name of, everything, is on the carers letter there. Let me ask you something. When I ld her my problem, she says, You know something?

mental health carers support She says, What’s your problem?

Carer does help.

It’s an interesting fact that the organiser ok us out, big group of us, for fun and afterward we came back here for dinner, than we went homeward. It’s a well you go yourself, noone except want to see you. Some carers got one to one counselling sessions. Nearly any day somebody is making an attempt to kill themselves. If this organisation does not exist, it’s nice to have this organisation, we will just stay indoors, not much chance to go out and meet other people. Others said drop in services were particularly good for carers as they are flexible. Oftentimes one woman said the support she got from her carers’ support worker in a local voluntary organisation was a lot better than the NHS as it was available when she needed it and was more gonna offer culturally appropriate services. Those who attended support groups participated in a vast selection of helpful activities, just like artwork, trips, sport and relaxation activities. You should take it into account. Stright away she ok down the detail. Eventually, such activities were enjoyable and provided ‘time out’ from tension and worry. Ok. The day was gone just like that. She’s not there. Also, others were supported by carers’ support workers. They ld me to come here.

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mental health carers support Working on your own faith and hope will equipequip you to pursue justice and remain in control, if our own rights have been still being violated.

Numeratrix, I am finding after treatment by mental health profession since 1986, and more consistent treatment by primary, dentist and in addition eye doctor since 2008 that as my healing increases, my attitude improves.

I am trusting aware, grateful attitudde I am projecting, and kind professionalism they are usually returning. Besides, thank you for sharing. FORCE the real problem – court, namely or even force doctor to release this 730 report to my person so they will have all information required to prepare an appropriate legitimate defense. I am considering going pro per in my case -and representing myself.i, besides in effect should proven to be my own legitimate counsel. When you pay for a product or service yourself or through our state or territory’s disability support system -you have consumer rights, as a NDIS participant.

mental health carers support These resources from Australia’s consumer protection agencies are designed to governmental Government announces fixes to how it will achieve savings of $ two billion in aged care funding by adjusting plenty of controversial measures contained in its May budget. Heart disease had been Australia’s leading cause of death since earlier 20th century but that could review as dementia death rates continue to rise, latter figures from Statistics Australian Bureau show. With all that said… Concerns about core clinical standards in residential aged care were the most elementary complaints to modern Aged Care Complaints Commissioner in 2016 first half, newest figures show. Challenge for staff and residents’ family members, writes Michael Bauer, sex remains significant for a lot of people living in aged care. Explore full Australian Ageing Agenda article at their web site.

mental health carers support Engaging people with dementia in meaningful activities and increasing family education and support will make a difference when addressing risky wandering, Geoff and write Cheryl Alexander Jones. Therefore this modern fact sheet was developed alongside carers and consumers and talks about how the NDIS supports participants with psychosocial disability. So NDIA have simply released Information newest version, Linkages Capacity Building Commissioning Framework, outlining the long awaited details on when, who, how or what ILC going to be funded. Basically the updated framework includes. For calls got outside our newest operating times a recording will recommend Contact caller Centre operating hours. Callers will need to phone NDIS 1800 number during 8am operating hours -11pm Monday to Friday, as it is not an in response to machine service. We will continue to monitor call volume patterns to ensure Contact Centre operating times provide community with the solutions and support they need.

mental health carers support Depending on feedback we have received over past few months, we have been pleased to demonstrate that NDIS Contact Centre, 1800 800 110 is always now operating 8am to 11pm regional times, Monday to Friday. So civil newest Chair Disability Insurance Agency Board, Dr Helen Nugent AO, is an experienced Chairperson with a history of pretty senior roles in pecuniary arts, solutions, education, energy, resources or health sectors. Study aboutthe Scheme’sprogress over last 12 months here. Our 2015 16″ Annual Reporthas beenreleased and was usually attainable on our website. Anyways, the updated guide includes case checklists, olkits and even studies which provide practical advice to councils to likely to do jobs really like this., anyone will be encourages to be on a jury, and figure out if someone did a crime or not. Like interpreters, people say you can’t have extra people in the jury room. For instance, it says people may use the UNCRPD to challenge system. So here is ugh for people with disability. Basically, the Law Society has published an article on this. They gave Disability Council NSW permission to publish the article. They can’t do it, jurors who have probably been deaf are always not provided with Auslan interpreters. Needless to say, a great deal of jury rooms are not obtainable.

It discusses using issues Auslan interpreters in courts and for juries.

Clickability website inIndustry they are anAustralian disability service directorywhich features ratings and reviews from the people who really use the solutions.

They’ve been up and running in Victoria for over a year and have been now coming to NSW. Site enables you to understand about solutions, share your own experiences and connect with others about problems that matter to you! Ultimately, understanding human rights based approach to disability is probably key to ensuring that policymakers and identical stakeholders who work on problems affecting persons rights with disabilities, programmes, may design laws and policies, the way that has been consistent with the CRPD.

While moving away from previous models on how to approach disability, just like the medic model, I know it’s grounded in a human rights based approach.

Convention on Persons Rights with Disabilities which entered into force in 2008, is a legally binding instrument which is widely ratified.

Therefore this review has been profound and has been oftentimes recognized as a paradigm shift in disability thinking. Did you know that the Developmental Disability program always was designed to provide opportunity for practitioners from diverse backgrounds to develop specialist skills in developmental field disabilities. Gether with lived experience of disability to provide confidence to the sector that NDIS should be expertly overseen to deliver for people with carers, their families and as well disability, She should be supported by 3 continuing Board members and 6 newest members, to combine big level experience in insurance, risk management, governance or finance. International Disability Insurance Agency has updated its Operational Guidelines. Nonetheless, these guidelines may be expanded from one January 2017 to ensure it has the disability service, fiscal management, corporate governance and insurance based expertise needed to guide $ 22billion scheme through its critical 2 year expansion to ‘201920’. Now this course studies basics and standards deriving from the transnational human rights system reflecting on the experience acquired by UN Civil Society Organizations, persons well like Agencies with disabilities themselves. With the Inter support Agency Support Group for Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, uNITAR with a particular focus on ‘anti discrimination’ and participation. Australia lofty Court unanimously rejected an appeal from Gaye L, a Queensland women who had been turned down for jury for ages being that she requires as Auslan interpreter to participate in proceedings.

With disability and will access justice system on an equal basis with different Australians, we won’t be deterred in our fight to ensure that people who are Deaf, said Ngila Bevan, Co CEO of People with Disability Australia and member of DPO Australia.

Study full PWD article.

Decision was always highly disappointing, says peak public disability group, Disabled Persons Organisations Australia. By the way, the governmental Government has ruled out residential full deregulation aged care places until adequate safeguards will be put in place ensuring provision of care in regional and rural Australia. Study full Australian Ageing Agenda article at their web site. Now this overall objective course usually was to advance a better human understanding ‘rights based’ approach to disability and to let participants to identify gaps between existing policy and Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, to implement it correclty.

Whenever becoming first jurisdiction in the country to commit to the regulatory regime, Victorian Government will introduce a free registration and accreditation scheme for disability workers.

a spokesperson for Premier confirmed to Community Care Reviewthat an advisory group of people with disability, sector or experts and workforce representatives has been set up to should protect people with a disability from harm and will ensure workers had the right experience, qualifications and skills. Findings gonna be useful to policymakers and those who work in disability support, corrections and related sectors. Ok, and now one of the most crucial parts. These problems will be addressed, at least in part, by improved training and in addition stricter guidelines for those working in the sector. Report by Jesse Fernanda Claudio, Nick, Craig Cumming, junior and Kate van Dooren Lennox for Criminology Australian Institute. Fact, this difficulty is exacerbated by the often combative nature of relationships betwixt service providers. Essentially, people with intellectual disability face a range of challenges on their release from prison due one and the other to their own needs and service complexity delivery system, that could make effective service delivery tough.

Representatives of disability and justice related agencies in Queensland and Western Australia were interviewed for this research.

This publication was developed by the state/territory consumer protection agencies and ACCC.

So this fact sheet clarifies your own consumer rights and steps you will make to resolve difficulties. You have rights under law, when you get goods and outsourcing including disability related purchases. Download from here. You see, explore full Australian Aged Care Agenda article here. Hear Professor Roger Stancliffe talk about Health Master Science course on YouTube at https.//and health care workers usually can now access a fully funded dementia training program, delivered by facilitators from Alzheimer’s Australia. So program aims to improve relevant skills professionals, to permit effective response to challenges faced by the sector. As a result, program was probably made up of a Graduate Certificate of Health Science and a Master of Health Science. Whenever understanding and problems knowledge faced by people with developmental disabilities, all courses are designed to expand awareness.

Mental Health Carers Support – Negative Attitudes To Mental Health Difficulties

mental health carers support If, an or for instance employee’s medic expenses taled $ 100 for a given year, the district should pay that sum and credit person with a staywell bonus of $ If employee spent an average of $ 100 a year in medic expenses for 20 years, he and in addition she should collect a stay well retirement bonus of $ 8000! Therefore they could cast that too, as and likewise you see a curse possibly.

mental health carers support Another mentioned that her son didn’t look for to socialise with next people with mental health issues to avoid being labelled.

Carers oftentimes protected themselves and their families by keeping to themselves or not telling others about mental health difficulties. To avoid gossip, quite a few ‘kept it under the carpet’, or kept a ‘stiff upper lip’ when others talked about them.

Some were careful who they talked to and some did not even tell their close family about issues. Others felt beliefs that clarify mental illness by curses, or part of one’s destiny or Karma, please do not help and have been misleading. To speak, one woman said that such beliefs ‘do not serve us any more’ as they focus on blame and not on helping people who are ill. Yeah. You see and it’s more like when, Eastern and likewise Indian thinking loads of us are aware that there are peculiar people who have got the evil eye. Others said they ‘pretend that things have been special’, just like saying someone usually was ‘working from home’ instead of being unable to work. One woman said that her ex husband had decided their son shouldn’t search for a psychiatric hospital being that he was worried it could affect his future career. Oftentimes if you do something incorrect to them by, they could you see, cast or if they’re jealous or envious or not fortunate with you, perhaps quite often they come begging for food or something or another, or whatever.

mental health carers support I’d say if you don’t give them whatever they seek for then they will cast a spell or curse on our own family or on you.

They’re not aware of diagnosis and helping people and they’re merely not aware of things and it’s about, you understand and was not fairly normal and there’s reasons why while not it being fun or some pointer or ridiculed or whatever or they’re not understanding how to deal with it as it’s part and parcel of everybody’s any day health.

Actually I thought how dare anybody question that when there is not anything there to look after people who were always going through that, there’s nothing there for the carers, for or for myself other people that nearly any day have to go through this system and try and be heard, there’s nothing there actually. People decided that That’s a fact, it’s essential to teach others that those with mental health issues, were probably not ‘mad’ but have an illness.

We pass somebody in the street lying there who’s down and out or a vagrant or whatever, or somebody that’s nourishment of a garbage bin or somebody that’s, you hear on the news -and that’s time you entirely hear it on news when people have mental health troubles and have done something terrible and to think that there’s thousands and thousands of people who always were coping with mental health difficulties and it’s entirely when negativity arises that it’s addressed and this might be done and why wasn’t this person in good care and that kind of stuff.

It needs to be revamped and changed and plenty of things need to be taken into account about how we view, how everybody sees mental health and how we view it, you understand.a bunch of people are not aware of dozens of things that’s going on. Unsophisticated things like infomercials on TV and stuff like that merely to make people be aware of things. Quite a few get better or manage fine, and they may be treated like people with various different illnesses.

a lot of people don’t understand mental health issues and may have a negative view of people who have them. With that said, this could cause people with mental health issues to be treated badly or labelled so that hurts their standing in community. Such behaviour hurts people and affects community and family essence and in with that said, this was shown in body by staying away. My concept was usually still similar, I didn`t hear about it, that perhaps community still consider everybody in the term of, ‘mad’, but not somebody having mental illness virtually. Some said their whole family was treated with suspicion or as ‘untouchables’. He said that, So if you go outside in community people will still use words like, ‘mad’ and ‘nutter’, and all kind of derogatory terms.

Mental Health Carers Support – Rier Commented On The Scarcity Of Novel Arguments Within The Content Of Material He Observed

mental health carers support So a Individual Plan is available for individuals and families who do not have group medical insurance provided by any carrier though an employer. Dean Health Plan offers different Individual Plan designs with varying benefit and coverage levels to fit your family’s healthcare and financial needs. Basically the geographical reach of the analysed conversation is difficult to determine owing to the efforts made to preserve the anonymity of participants.

a risk of this type of an approach however will be the loss of spontaneity and on p of that possible restriction of dialogue through direct observation by professionals, Mental health providers looking to develop findings specific to their service may seek to directly approach individuals within their identified geographical region.

As such And so it’s possible that lessons for specific geographical regions might be lost within the broader conversation. Additionally the restriction of needing internet access to participate in the conversation may mean that it’s not entirely representative for all mental health service users. Did you hear about something like that before? The pics of discussion imply that the conversation was primarily held between respondents within the United Kingdom and United States. Now this wide reach may limit the specific applicability of findings -for example discussions relating to the costing of insurance and medical service provision is, currently, of limited interest to participants in the UK.

mental health carers support Present study demonstrates the utility of online social media as both a discursive space in which individuals with experience of mental disorder may share information and develop understanding, and a medium of feedback to mental health service providers. Further research is required to establish potential individual benefit from the utilisation of such networks, its suitability as a means of service provision feedback and the potential role for, and user acceptability of, mental health service providers operating within the space. Our Facebook groups provide a safe environment where cares can exchange experiences and seek support when needed. Consequently, all posts within the group are private and won’t show on your wall. As a result, the groups are closed and moderated so only carers registered with us can participate, and all inappropriate posts are deleted. Lots of info can be found easily on the internet. You also need to be registered on Facebook to be able to participate.

mental health carers support There’re training sessions available for carers on Facebook and Twitter, have a look at our Events page or the latest newsletter for updated dates. Authors declare that they have no competing interests. Let’s say Elwell and colleagues reviewed the role of internet based forums for adolescents living with cancer and found evidence of practical and emotional support being provided, Social media and forum websites been examined as a resource for healthcare service users. I’m sure that the role of Twitter was reviewed in regards to the discussion of health screening procedures, just like mammography, finding a mixture of information and personal narrative experience being described by users. Internet based social media websites similar to Facebook (and Twitter (represent a growing facet of modern experience. Basically, internet based social media, like Twitter, has also received attention for its potential in supporting social activism where its role can be seen in linking groups gether and coordinating activity. These sites boast large numbers of users and their influence is increasingly being experienced in clinical practice. Carers Lewisham has a worker who support carers who are caring for relatives who have mental health difficulties and carers who themselves may have mental health difficulties just like anxiety or depression.

mental health carers support Things at Mental Health carers Arafmi been pretty quite since Executive Officer Jane Henty left in December Well, you might be happy to know, that following the appointment of a really new EO, Jenny Branton in July, things are set to hot up once again.

The present study focusses on a specific discussion as a case study to assess the role of the website as a medium for interpersonal communication by individuals with experience of mental disorder and possible source of feedback to mental health service providers.

Research was conducted in relation to the potential role of social media in the support of individuals with physical health conditions.

mental health carers support Internet based social media websites represent a growing space for interpersonal interaction.

Limited research exists exploring such utilisation by individuals with experience of mental health problems.

Nevertheless this positive interpretation was challenged, it should be proposed that access to wider support networks and knowledge should be beneficial for all users. Writing was incorporated into the data analysis process such that iterative presentations of data and explanation of themes gonna be reviewed and discussed. Material contradicting identified quotations and themes was specifically sought, Representative quotations were identified throughout the writing process. This is where it starts getting intriguing, right? While favouring the voices of those with sufficient privilege to access the space, despite a limiting factor to this engagement is that potential participants, who may benefit from such discussion, can be excluded due to lack of internet access.

That these pics received consideration within the conversation thread may represent the potential of social media platforms to allow discussion, reflection and sharing of experience by participants within the space provided.

Much of the discussion identified by the search strategy was concrete in nature -discussing parts of the care experience and practical means of addressing the concerns raised.

Whenever, reflecting on diagnosis as a means of accessing care, or support, but also on the manner of their construction and development. Parallel to this however, was a discussion that focussed more on individual experience in mental disorder. Ok, and now one of the most important parts. Participants also considered the difficulties experienced within therapeutic relationships and their reflection in a wider societal context. That’s where it starts getting really interesting.a qualitative content analysis approach was adopted in exploring these questions as it was believed that this would provide a pragmatic means of identifying salient themes displayed in the discourse between service users.

While themes are presented as discrete, overlap of content exists between them, Individual themes are described below.

This approach is analogous to other studies where large volumes of social media data are aggregated to develop information of use to clinical service provision.

That said, this group of individuals may gain benefit from such participation but this should be more difficult to identify and explore. I’m sure that the precise identity of participants in this project can not be verified. Notice, for the purpose of this study That’s a fact, it’s proposed that self identification as a mental health service user, through participation in the online conversation, allows an initial exploration of the role of online social media as a social space to be made. Basically the role of silent observer requires further exploration as studies, similar to Rier, observed that quite a few forum participants occupied the role of a silent lurker. Utilised search approach is unable to identify the role of those who may read the conversation but not participate directly in it. It is the possible role of researcher theoretical allegiance on the analysis process was addressed through discussion in team meetings.

Research team members were drawn from loads of theoretical orientations -psychiatry, mental health nursing and medical sociology.

The study therefore aimed to provide an initial exploration of the following.

Besides, the manner in which social media users with experience of mental disorder relate to each other and the social space during internet based interactions. Potential role of resources similar to Twitter for the provision of feedback on and engagement with mental health service user experience. Then, for the current project the website Twitter was used to allow a review of the utilisation of social media by mental health service users. Then again, the views expressed are those of the authors and not necessarily those of the NHS, the NIHR or the Department of Health. AS is funded by a NIHR doctoral research fellowship award. Through participation in this discussion individuals join a wider discourse that considers the balance of power between professional and service user.

Within the physical health literature the sharing of decision making power is described as the ‘pinnacle of patient centred care’. Within mental health practice a tension is still perceived however between the concepts of sharing power and more traditional models of care that ultimately consider risk and its control as paramount. Actually the remaining textual material was reviewed and combined in a thematic analysis to identify common themes of discussion. Output from the search strategy was combined in this type of a way that repeated material was eliminated and all individual material anonymised. Therefore, an electronic search was performed to identify material contributing to an online conversation entitled #dearmentalhealthprofessionals. Actually the presented study sought to use a case study conversation to explore the utilisation of online social media, in regards to its role as a social space for communication regarding the experience of mental disorder and as a means of understanding feedback on the experience of provided mental health care.

There’s also potential value for social media resources for health professionals to aid in the development of collaborative relationships with service users.

Surveying a bunch of mental health practitioners in the United States, Deen and colleagues found a high prevalence of experience with social media usage among professionals but identified a confusion regarding the role of such resources in clinical practice.

Reflecting on the complex ethical problems surrounding this practice, a bit of their participants describing searching internet resources for information relating to their patients. That said, this professional involvement, that may potentially be viewed as invasive, would need careful consideration for its acceptability by mental health service users. So this difficulty was recently highlighted through negative on line response to the efforts of the charity Samaritans (to introduce a service that would monitor social media feeds for material that may indicate suicidal ideation, that for some Twitter users represented an unacceptable invasion of privacy.

Did you know that the search strategy adopted for this study sought to capture material generated on two days.

For the purpose of this analysis it can be argued that the volume of material identified supports the validity of findings.

Accordingly the search engine favours material that has demonstrated popularity, let’s say through number of endorsements by ‘re tweets’, geographical biases are introduced through favouring material that is locationally close to the searcher, or emphasising material that contains references to other users within the searcher’s own network of contacts. Ultimately it can not be guaranteed that the search strategy was tally comprehensive in its reach. Now look, the nature of the search engine available on the website may limit claims of representativeness in the obtained material however. That said, this may raise difficulties for mental health services seeking to exploit the media as a means of eliciting feedback -although the volume of material produced may indicate that so that’s an acceptable medium of communication for mental health service users. It represents a phenomenon that can be difficult to reproduce in a purposive manner, as the greatest strength of the material observed in this study likely lies in its spontaneity.

Themes identified within this study provide important messages to mental health providers -highlighting the features that mental health service users view as crucial to service provision including the need for understanding the implications of diagnosis and the importance of therapeutic relationships.

These findings do not represent novel discussions as the role and importance of the therapeutic relationship within mental health care was well described in the academic literature and the difficulties with providing a service that is primarily biomedical in nature as an example been frequently commented upon and continues to generate much debate.

Despite this lack of novelty the spontaneous nature of the discussion is perhaps remarkable -this conversation represented a previously unadvertised event emerging solely through user participation, its themes are representative of a wider discourse and serve to demonstrate the salience of such discussion within modern society and the role of social media in supporting and empowering mental health service users. Ultimately the methods of this study were developed in accordance with ethical guidance published by the Association of Internet Researchers (so as to minimise the risk of individual distress through consideration of what protocol was reviewed and agreed by a University of Manchester research ethics committee.

That said, this study has outlined a role for resources, just like Twitter, in providing a discursive space and support for those with experiences of mental disorder. Methods used do not allow comment on the potential benefit or detriment from such use however. While providing a medium which is readily amenable to data collection and analysis allowing rapid interpretation of feedback, online social media could provide a resource through which barriers to feedback. Can be overcome. With a 140 character limit on communications, the nature of the Twitter platform, will be considered as reducing the potential for ‘indepth’ discussion. Accordingly the frequent presence of links to external resources, found through the reported search strategy, illustrate its potential strength as a central hub of discussion facilitating the coordination of groups of individuals with shared experience or interests.

In this way, internet social media could have been seen as providing a discursive resource that can provide access to greater numbers of people with shared experiences than might be expected through standard, more corporeal, now this may allow for the development of larger support networks or for more direct communication between service users and professionals to be facilitated. Draft writing was led by AS with critical feedback provided by the remaining authors at every stage. Thematic analysis was performed primarily by AS with direct supervisory support and comment by CS, MD and JS. All authors read and approved the final manuscript. AS conducted the ‘online’ search and collated results in electronic text format. It can also be argued that users, in agreeing to the terms and conditions of the website and after all openly contributing to a public discussion, have accepted that they broadcast into the public domain and the role of research in this type of a space ain’t specifically precluded. Nonetheless previous researchers have argued that such material exists in the public domain with the proviso that prominent biographical details are excluded, the role of consent to research on the basis of publicly available material, similar to that on is less clear.

I know it’s recognised that research on closed internet forums, available to specific registered users only, requires individual consent from all participants as the presence of lurking researchers can be viewed as invasive or hostile.

For the purpose of this research it was understood that users identifying with the conversation #dearmentalhealthprofessionals may have a past history of mental health difficulties and will be viewed as vulnerable research participants.

Research of internet based social media platforms potentially allows access to material relating to a large body of people, not all participants can be readily identifiable as individuals and seeking informed consent from any user can be complex. Whenever involving participants primarily from the United Kingdom and United States, that said, this conversation arose primarily over the weekend of the 10th -11th August 2013 and was conducted in English. Similarly, users may choose to reveal their geographical location through the website’s preference settings. I’m sure you heard about this. Users are identified by unique user names and can choose whether to reveal their real name to other users. Yes, that’s right! Privacy settings for accounts are determined by individual users and range from open access accounts that can be identified through general internet searches to closed accounts, the outputs of which are only visible to other users registered as followers.

Communications between groups of users can be facilitated through the use of hashtags where tweets are labeled such that other users can view contributions to conversations.

Although some minimal traffic continues through the hashtag regularly, the greatest flux of conversational material was generated over this weekend.

For the purpose of this study a hashtag conversation -#dearmentalhealthprofessionals was identified. I know that the website allows users to communicate in statements, tweets, of up to 140 characters in length. Furthermore, the native search engine provided at was used with an eye to identify tweets containing the marker #dearmentalhealthprofessionals and occurring on the dates 10 11th August Identified tweets were copied as text and imported into an electronic spreadsheet (Numbers for Apple Mac OS X The identified search material was reviewed allowing removal and hereupon ‘reread’ with an identifying code being applied to every tweet -this coding used phrasing from the source tweet to maintain close allegiance with original meaning.

Coding was conducted initially by AS with independent review by other members of the research team -coding disagreements were resolved through discussion leading to refinement of the coding framework.

Tweets were consequently organised as pointed out by descriptive headings and overarching themes were identified.

Initial extensive and overlapping codes were reduced to three core categories through team discussion. Overarching themes were discussed and developed during research team meetings. So this possibility is reinforced by an observation of It’s an interesting fact that the phenomena of social media platforms being used as this kind of a resource was previously explored, primarily for resources relating to physical health care.

Considering the role of internet based forums for discussion of HIV related problems, particularly disclosure of HIV status to sexual partners, Rier reported how such resources provided support regarding the information and discussion but how the material could often become deeply moralistic and inflammatory in nature.

In this study the authors observed that participants choosing contacts within a newly forming network preferentially selected individuals who closely matched them looking at the reported characteristics, potentially reducing the ability of networks to allow debate or encourage change.

Rier commented on the scarcity of novel arguments within the content of material he observed. Surely it’s possible that participants may choose to engage with material that serves only to reinforce their currently held beliefs. That said, this may therefore represent a risk in the nature of discussion that can occur through such fora. So it’s also unclear to what extent interaction through social media will lead to exposure to material that will challenge one’s natural standpoint and lead to genuine reflection. Certainly, please jump on and have a look and change the address in your favourites.

First thing to change is our name, we are now simply Mental Health Carers Australia. To reflect this change is our web Jenny brings extensive management experience in the not for profit and local government sectors, wide ranging experience in the disability sector including lived experience as a carer. Mental Health Carers Arafmi Australia are pleased to announce the appointment of our new Executive Officer Jenny Branton, who started in the role in July. Jenny is planning an ur around the country to meet with carers and organisations to so as a result the methodology utilised in this study is unable to demonstrate behavioural change resulting from participation in this conversation by either mental health service users or professionals.

Further work should be required to demonstrate such change.

It going to be hypothesised that the wider therefore this finding might be reflecting a withdrawal from concrete social activity for increased engagement with electronic communication. Similarly those with was conducted to explore this phenomenon. With a decrease in quality of life, one study exploring the perception of social support and quality of life of internet users revealed a more complex picture where internet use for social and informational support was weakly correlated with an increase in perceived social support.

Similarly, examining the role of a lot of mental disorder experiences, Perry and Pescosolido observed that those who had access to networks consisting of firmer connections were found to have better functional recovery outcomes at follow up.

The role of the internet and social media as a resource for mental health service users as a possible means for reducing stigma and promoting is highlighted.

Cornwell and Laumann showed that an increase in could have been controlled so as to generate pertinent feedback and how such feedback can be utilised alongside other feedback communication avenues.

Exploration of such material may involve identification of the author however and this should require greater ethical consideration than was necessary for this project, The prevalence of external material linked to and referenced in the discussion also invites further consideration.

Additional work must include the exploration of potential roles for mental health service providers, and the acceptability of this presence within this social space for all participants. Greaves and colleagues have developed techniques through which patient comments in relation to care are aggregated and used as a means to detect poor clinical care. Although, the use of anonymous automated data mining techniques may represent a more appropriate approach in future research as they provide an anonymous means of identifying large volumes of material. Examples of such methods have previously been used to explore emotional material contained within suicide notes. As is commented above some participants bypassed the 140 character limit through providing links to external resources.

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mental health carers support You may feel like your life is very different from other people’s, and that they don’t next to impossible to let people know that you are a carer, if you feel worried that you or the person you care for might face stigma. Being a carer can have a big impact on your self esteem. You may feel that you are not worthy of care and attention, and that your personal time gonna be focused on the person you care for. You may find that the challenges you face while being a carer make you feel low or depressed. Oftentimes you may also have thoughts of harming yourself or even of ending your life, if you feel very frustrated or hopeless. So, you may feel run down and tired a bunch of the time. Of course, this can make you more gonna experience physical illness, that could develop into a long time problem.

Caring for other people can often be demanding, and you are not alone if you feel overwhelmed at times.

Over time, now this can lead to mental health problems.

mental health carers supportYou might find I’d say if this is okay with you. Now regarding the aforementioned fact… You may also find that you are not receiving enough financial support or benefits with an eye to meet these costs, and experience financial worries. Now please pay attention. While causing practical problems and additional stress, so this can put a strain on your finances, and may mean you have to cut back on other things. You may find that you have to pay for extra care or medical costs. Just think for a moment. You might be spending plenty of money on travel costs, especially if you don’t live with the person you care for. Let me tell you something. You may often feel stressed and worried if you’re caring for others.

You could spend lots of time thinking about their illness and the impact it’s having on both of your lives. You may always be thinking about things you have to do as part of your role as carer, and find it next to impossible to switch off. Despite having physical health problems myself, To be honest I care for my sister and my elderly parents. Leisure time may seem like an impossible luxury, as a busy caregiver. A well-known fact that is. You owe it to yourself as well as to the person you’re caring for to carve it into your schedule. Ok, and now one of the most important parts. Give yourself permission to rest and to do things that you enjoy on a daily basis.

Demands of caregiving can be overwhelming, especially if you feel you have little control over the situation or you’re in over your head.