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Mental Health Centre – Faculty And Staff Concerned About A Student

mental health centre Now the Pelletiers have a forsale sign on their Brighton lawn and $ 12000 in visa card debt. He mostly sleeps and wakes only to take his ‘anti depressants’ and anti anxiety pills, Tom, 61, is had been to jail more than 30 times for disturbing the peace, trespassing, perpetually violating a court order to stay off the mall. Christopher, 29, who has schizophrenia, is what the criminal justice system terms a frequent flier. Students who already have prescribers in Maryland’s Montgomery or Prince Georges counties, or in the District of Columbia could be asked to continue with their current prescriber.

mental health centre You should be referred to a psychiatrist in the community, or in might be able to get your prescriptions refilled in the Health Center’s Primary Care Departments.

Students who are not currently on medications who need to be started on medications going to be seen for evaluation and medication initiation.

As soon as you are stable on your medications you may be referred to an outside provider for follow up. Oftentimes students may be followed for approximately two semesters in our service. We’ve got what some UMD students have said about their experience in group therapy at the Mental Health Service. I gained insight into how I relate with others and communicate with other people.I learned that maybe it’s OK to be myself.Group helped me feel less alone.

mental health centre Psychiatrists and psychiatric nurse practitioners are medical providers who work with students to evaluate and assess whether medication might be helpful.

a range of Mental Health Services are offered by Peterborough Regional Health Centre and supported by the Central East Local Health Integration Network.

Besides, the CTO coordinator works with clients in the 4 Peterborough counties, Haliburton, Northumberland and the City of Kawartha Lakes. MHS provides regional leadership and expertise in conjunction with community partners in the assessment, stabilization and treatment of individuals and their families with serious mental health and addiction concerns. Regional Community Treatment Order Program The regional role of CTO Coordinator is to problems who been issued a community treatment order allowing them to receive care and treatment within their own community rather than in hospital.

You may call (3148106 to schedule a psychiatric evaluation, I’d say if you are interested in medication. Medication management follow up services are also available. IF YOU ARE EXPERIENCING A LIFE THREATENING MENTAL HEALTH EMERGENCY, PLEASE CALL 911 OR GO TO THE NEAREST EMERGENCY ROOM. It’s a regional service which helps individuals who have experienced the onset of a psychosis benefit from early treatment and provide support to their families. Have you heard about something like this before? Please note that our medication evaluation and management services are mainly consultative and short term. Another question isSo the question is this. Faculty and Staff Concerned About a Student?

We strongly encourage you to continue to receive medication from your treating clinician, if you are already receiving medication for ADHD.

Even with prior documentation, Mental Health Service prescribers will use their discretion to prescribe medication depending on their clinical assessment.

So you have medical insurance, the Mental Health Service can support you in finding a community psychiatrist to assist you with medication, if continuing with a previous provider isn’t possible. Mental health prescriber might be willing to consider prescribing medication for ADHD, Therefore in case continuing with a previous provider isn’t possible. With all that said… You must submit written documentation of your previous diagnosis and treatment BEFORE your first appointment at the Mental Health Service.

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mental health centre Eat fat healthily Fat eaten in tandem with sugar and starch -in cakes, snack foods, biscuits and cookies -is a surefire recipe for weight gain. You must eat pumpkin or sunflower seeds, you do need fat in your diet for good health, oily fish like sardines, mackerel and salmon, and nuts. Eating plan on the basis of the tips above is sustainable for life, and if you couple it with exercise and ‘stressreducing’ tactics, it can please do not go on diets Constantly stop starting with weighreduction diet regimes simply doesn’t work. With all that said… Your body gets wise to your efforts, and valiantly strives to hold on to its fat supplies almost any time you cut down on food. Figure out more about what to include in your, and learn how you can manage your menopause and keep the midlife fat belly at bay on Elizabeth Martyn’s site. Therefore this article can be published electronically or in print in its entirety as long as the author bylines in the resource write are included and urls kept live. Sometimes, I invite people to raise their hands with questions or comments while I’m speaking.

mental health centre Whether after depends on how worried I am about running overtime, or I do during

I promise to deal with them at the end.

They don’t forget, other times, I give out note cards and suggest that they write things down as they think of them. Coping skills have reduced the quantity of medication consequences. That’s where it starts getting really interesting, right? For the most part there’s almost always something else to try if your consequences are uncomfortable, consequences are an ideal reason. Normally, I also know people who got very sick doing best in order to do that, Actually I know a few people who are able to use coping skills to substitute completely for medicine. In my experience -that’s how I start everything I say about medicine there’re good and bad reasons to be reluctant to take something. Known the written comments are more important than the 5point scales being that people made a little effort to write them.

mental health centre Decide if it’s something to think about morrow or just one person’s opinion.

On the scales, all 5s with one 4 means the 4 might mean something.

Same with all 4s and one All 1s and 2s means you can’t please everyone and shouldn’t try or even worry about it. On p of that, as you can really only work on improving one or two things at a time, think more about the positive feedback, not simply to make yourself feel good. Just be certain you’re working on the most important things. Actually, as long as I’m not a kid and will look silly dressing like one, like the teacher, not the students, at a school, I’ll dress casual. I’m modeling recovery, not unhappiness. Even if I used to do that, not like someone who hangs around the mental health center every now and then, I dress casual for consumer groups.

mental health centre I’m almost sure I wear a jacket and tie when I talk to professionals and church groups, I don’t put on a fashion show.

Dressing right says I respect my message, my audience, and myself.

It may be a bright one with a nice design, So if I wear a tee shirt. I ensure my pants are zipped, my hair is combed, and my clothes are clean. With all that said… Everybody has it, consequently don’t be nervous about being nervous. Examine what it really is, and challenge those negative thoughts, Therefore in case stage fright is stopping you. Sounds familiar? Speakers who look so relaxed and spontaneous in front of people got that way by practicing and learning to transform nervous fear into creative energy. Notice, you’ll think about it tomorrow, Therefore in case your friend or the audience points out a big problem in your delivery.

mental health centre Other criticisms are a great deal more a matter of opinion and less important. Did you know that the big ones to avoid next week are being you have to. Certainly, just take a deep breath, to tell your story as it happened to you, Make sure everyone can hear you. Relationship or trend, explain every single element of it, and what the entire picture means, when using a graphic to illustrate a statistic. They also need time to absorb it. When they see a graph for the first time, most people need it explained. You should take this seriously. Else, bring someone with you who’s actually done it before, not someone if anyone knew computers and thinks Power Point is easy.

Practice with your personal hands before the day of the speech. You have to know how to work the thing, if you use Power Point. People admire a person struggling to overcome great obstacles against great odds. By talking openly and honestly, you become a fighter, not a victim, in their eyes. Rejection like that almost never happens when you’re speaking. Besides, I always feel bad about everything I didn’t say. You almost certainly were good, if you feel good inside when you’re done. By the way, the audience only knows what I said. That’s what matters. Anyway, this is why you brought a friend. Fact, it usually means you are So in case you feel bad or not sure. I write it on a blackboard or flipchart.

I actually can use it to start on my topic, when I have a perfect list. Another question isSo the question is this. What do you think of when I say recovery? One easy way to get people involved outright, and in addition kick off your topic, is to ask a question and have people call out ‘oneor’ twoword answers. Oftentimes I validate them by saying something like good answer or very interesting, Know what, I don’t discuss or critique any answers. Considering the above said. I repeat or reword any answer to ensure I understood it and that everybody heard it. I start organizing by asking myself three questions and making a list.

I make a list of pics and ideas.

What do I seek for them to feel?

What do I need them to know? I don’t write the speech. What do I seek for them to do? They tell your audience that you care enough about them to prepare in advance. Basically, they prevent you from wandering. With that said, they So cards remind you what order your pics are in, and prevent you from spending if it’s hard for you.

While moving your eyes from one friendly face to another, make eye contact with the obviously friendly faces. For instance, by the end of your second presentation, you’d better know whether speaking is worth the trouble for you. Of course, after two talks, my experience is that, people know how good and powerful they are, and speaking is part of their recovery program. Anyways, that’s just as true for people who were afraid to try it the first time. However, they can not see a victim. Groups of people see them as they really are, and the groups see a courageous fighter who is giving back and doing best in order to being that it makes people feel ignorant and excluded.

You must explain what you mean the first time you use it, just a few words that let people know what the expression means to you, when you use an expression that planning to do if your machine fails completely. Notice that look for to express exactly. Maybe they’re just moved by what you say and don’t know what to say. Furthermore, they’ve just been exposed to an uncomfortable subject, and they’re hesitant. Maybe they’re afraid to embarrass or offend you. There can be a very long silence, when people have to wait till the end to comment. It could be more than enough. Now regarding the aforementioned fact… Talk about what you are able to talk about. Hey, do not talk about things that continue to cause you great pain. I’d say in case you tell your story, are you worried that, you’ll break down and embarrass yourself in front of people? That’s interesting right? Think only about what you are saying, to whom, and why.

Adjusting a golf swing is much harder.

Forget about your hand gestures, posture, and ne of voice.

You will, So in case feedback from your first few talks shows you must adjust anything like that. Never say what I’m taking, By the way I tell people that I take medication. Someone might need what for any longer being that I’m doing well, and it just doesn’t work that way. They must seek a second opinion from another doctor, So in case they don’t like what their doctor says. Usually, I don’t need anyone to interpret what I’m saying to mean they must or shouldn’t take medicine. Now regarding the aforementioned fact… Everybody reacts to almost any medicine differently, To be honest I say. They thought enough of what you said to respond personally.

By the way, the most important evaluation is the people who come up to you afterward, since you decided in advance that you’re a success if you reach just one person. Even if they come up to question or disagree with something, you reached any of those people. He can’t talk to just anyone about it, and senses that you will understand. Bring your NAMI chapter’s phone number. Be sure to talk to that person one on one after the presentation. Whenever understanding is all he’s asking for, suggesting a family support group can’t hurt and might help. Fact, that person is in pain, often angry and bewildered. They listened politely, even if they have been required to come. Anyways, I always open and close nearly any talk by thanking everyone for the opportunity to speak to them. Essentially, they listened to you. You see, thank them for it. Are you afraid that telling your story in public will embarrass your family, hurt you on your job, or in your personal relationships? Basically, you have to assume that everybody in your lifetime will know everything you say in public to a number of people. Noone can argue with those.

Evidence is a study of 20 people published in a journal.

Just make your assertions regarding the I, me, or in my experience.

Knowing 20 people personally is anecdotes, not evidence. One trap to avoid, especially with professionals, is slipping out of your experience into general statements you can’t defend with evidence. I know that the first thing I do to prepare is adjust my expectations. Write I don’t ought to be perfect or reach everybody. Anyway, a question from someone who thinks the brain chemical idea is wrong, and mental illness has nothing to do with chemistry.

Sometimes, I actually get a question from someone who thinks mental illness is all about brain chemicals and nothing else.

Your story has to be in your heart, not on your cards.

You don’t really need to look difficult to read them, write the words BIG, and not must trigger two or three talk minutes from your heart. They’re allowing you to correct them, Therefore in case they’re hearing you incorrectly. Then again, audience participation is good. They’re involved, that means they’re hearing you, when people ask questions and make comments.

While speaking to a group is enormously difficult for anyone, whether they have a mental illness or not.

Practice shows you how powerful your message is, and that people like hearing it.

You will always get nervous and always have to prepare. He’ll have for ages being that he met a real person overcoming great obstacles against great odds. Nevertheless, like that, people love to hear stories, and meet people. He’ll see people with mental illness differently. You’re a success, if telling your recovery story uches just one person. Some information can be found online. Make copies of them for everyone, when you use overheads or Power Point slides.

So do not give them out until the end, or they’ll read rather than listen to you. Tell them you’re intending to give them out at the end so they don’t try to copy them down while you’re speaking. To whom, and under what circumstances, is a major, extremely personal, decision, when and what to disclose. Basically, no one except has a right to question your decision or push you anyhow. You better don’t force yourself out of your comfort for any longer being that you think as a rule of a thumb,. Some individuals in AA insist that taking psychiatric meds now is dependent on a mindaltering drug. Besides, they wouldn’t say that to someone who takes insulin for diabetes.

AA actually says as a rule of a thumb, take medicine if you need it.

It’s pure stigma, and against AA policy.

Bad reasons are that the medicines are addictive, and that AA says you shouldn’t take them. Over coaching is worse than for ages being that thinking need no more than two things to think about improving. I’m sure you heard about this. You better don’t let them confuse you with over coaching. Practice the entire presentation in front of a friend, I’d say if you look for to. Eventually, a few professionals are waiting for you to say that everything they do is wrong, and you know how to do it right. You can talk about the professionals who didn’t help, didn’t care, or set you back -and how they can avoid doing those things to their clients, when you disarm that defensiveness.

Talk about professionals who helped you, what made them good.

Most mental health professionals may be as open or hostile to you as you are to them.

Assume you were for awhile being that someone wanted to hear your ideas. For instance, the minute they hear that, they stop listening. Have nothing to do with brain chemicals, loads of trauma victims I know have symptoms and behaviors that look like severe mental illness. Know what, I had to make myself well, medicine stopped me from being sick. Basically, I’m still only claiming to be an expert on me. People I know simply find the right medicine and get well. I say that IN MY EXPERIENCE both extremes are wrong. Now, a picture competes with the notification unless it clearly reinforces the notification. That’s interesting right? Alternative color or typeface or way of changing slides is good when it emphasizes a change of subject. Also, drawing attention to how the slides are changing takes attention away from what the slides say.

Variety without reason is confusion. Power Point seduces speakers with look for to say for just a few minutes the night before. Nothing is more embarrassing to a speaker or an audience than a speaker who is unprepared. In any circumstances please do not wait until the night before. Notice that I can accomplish their purpose, I always ask why the group is inviting me, not simply mine. A well-known fact that is. Instead of about how much subject you have to cover, it saves time to start thinking this way, and after all trying to make it all fit.. Are they consumers, families, professionals, general public, a combination? As a result, I start preparing by thinking about how much time I have to fill, what kind of people I’ll be speaking to, and why they asked me to come. Tell the group how it feels to hear at times when you really can’t do things. Generally, people have probably ld you that before. Part of your stage fright is probably fear that people will reject you or think as a rule of a thumb, make yourself well, lighten up, or try harder.

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mental health centre Medicaid health plan officials say they are prepared to compete for contracts to manage physical health and behavioral health Medicaid services. They say they can So there’s a need to have regular awareness campaigns about psychiatric diseases since the support of family and society is crucial in dealing with such cases, he says. Whenever getting sufficient, continuous therapy for ‘mental health’ problems can prove to be expensive, onepage articleEven if you have some type of insurance, or can afford an initial consultation. We have four alternatives. Surely it’s more affordable as online therapists do not have as many overhead costs, and loads of us are aware that there are cheaper options, some costing as little as $ 32 per week, the Truman Group charges US $ 145 (Dhan hour.

mental health centre Visit for more information.

Consider The Truman Group, a American organisation established by psychologist Sean Truman, that offers access to six licensed mentalhealth providers.

They have experience working with expats and ­provide online therapy across the globe. Online therapy This can have identical efficacy as seeking therapy in an office environment.

Stephen Frears and Hugh Grant on film Florence Foster Jenkins and working with Meryl Streep. Therefore, q’s Bar and Lounge in Dubai is quintessentially Quincy Jones. Nevertheless. Director Zhang Yimou aims to build The Great Wall into a monster movie hit. Ollie Howell on how Quincy Jones helped him build a career and cope with the uncertainty of brain surgery. How celebrity chef Tim Raue went from street fighter to rocking two Michelin stars. Fabric nightclub and why mix CDs are making a comeback. My Broken Dream. Still time to catch Dia Azzawi’s show in Dubai. Holly to Bolly.

mental health centre Stan Lee’s still working at 94, Actor Akshay Kumar reveals his workload for 2017, and more.

Plus.Film director Ali Abbas Zafar makes Facebook debut,Rogue One.

Star Wars Story a hit with moviegoers,Hollywood sign vandalised to read Hollyweed, andBambi artist Tyrus Wong dies aged 106. Besides, it regularly hosts parentsupport groups in Abu Dhabi and works to raise awareness of all mental health problems. Notice, support groups When 15yearold Abu Dhabi pupil Louis Smith ok his own life in 2013, his parents set up the Louis Smith Foundation to support teenagers struggling with depression. Your student health centre can be a temporary solution until you can find a long period ­therapist, if you are a student. Schools and universities Educational establishments often offer discounted or free therapy. While getting sufficient, continuous therapy for mentalhealth problems can prove to be expensive, even if you have some kind of insurance, or can afford an initial consultation.

We have four alternatives.

Visit for more information.

Mostly there’re cheaper options, some costing as little as $ 32 per week, the Truman Group charges US $ 145 (Dhan hour. Generally, Undoubtedly it’s more affordable being that online therapists do not have as many overhead costs, and that offers access to six licensed ‘mentalhealth’ providers. They have experience working with expats and ­provide online therapy across the globe. Online therapy This can have identical efficacy as seeking therapy in an office environment. Free lectures Rashid Hospital in Dubai and Sheikh Khalifa Medical City in Abu Dhabi hold regular free lectures or seminars for the public on ‘mental health’ problems.

Mental Health Centre: Patients Wear An Ankle Chain When They First Arrive

mental health centre To an ideal idea. Basically, that’s not to say that everything made artificially is should be bad for your health. Whilst it’s always good to incorporate whole foods in your diet, supplements can be an essential part of a balanced diet. Whether just making sure you get your fill of all the nutrients you need, or you’re looking to gain muscle back in Nahim’s private practice in Freetown’s business district, I ask him whether he’s worried about the future of mental health in Sierra Leone.

mental health centre What can I do, I’m concerned.

They can go out anytime they need to, here, we can’t keep them in the wards.

a solitary way we can restrain them is to chain them for a short time. Surely it’s not like in Australia or England, where you have closedcircuit televisions in the ward and the wards are all electronically controlled, doors are locked, and look, there’s 24/7 7 electricity, he says. Nahim says the restrictions are necessary since the lack of trained staff to watch over the patients. Their treatment involves Christian prayer, singing, and counseling. Furthermore, patients wear an ankle chain when they first arrive. It is a single other care facility in Freetown is the City of Rest, a run down building that houses 40 patients crammed into small rooms. Nahim visits the City of Rest every week to prescribe medications to those who need it. Now regarding the aforementioned fact… Native doctors are very wicked, Adama says.

mental health centre He was unable to move for three months.

Inside, I meet a man I’ll call Adama, a 29yearold who was admitted by his family for smoking plenty of young people were unemployed and on drugs, and all you needed was someone to recruit them, that was easy. Drug abuse is Sierra Leone’s biggest ‘mental health’ challenge, Nahim says, with young male addicts accounting for around 80 the percent hospital’s admissions.

Drugs were a major contributing factor to the atrocities committed in the course of the war, he says.

The shortfalls in the country’s mentalhealth system are not unique in subSaharan Africa, where it’s estimated that one psychiatrist is available for nearly any 5 million patients.

On a continent with high rates of infant and maternal mortality, and prevalence of infectious diseases, mental health is often overlooked. Basically the ultimate goal of the campaign is that more people with depression, in all countries, seek and get help. Fact, whenever focusing on improving understanding of depression, and knowledge of what in consonance with a study published online in the Journal of the American Medical Association on 12 November, november 2016 -Problem Management Plus. Showed significant reductions in depression. ‘post traumatic’ stress as well as improved functioning in adults living in a conflict affected area of Pakistan.

Kissy was occupied by the Revolutionary United Front, the rebel group that became notorious for recruiting child soldiers and committing mass amputations.

Did you know that the psychiatric hospital sits in Kissy, the poor eastern side of Freetown. Anyway, in the course of the conflict, Nahim and his patients and staff were forced to leave the hospital, and sections of the building were destroyed. Known as Crase Yard in the native Krio, And so it’s surrounded by burnt out houses and razed buildings jutting from the earth. Then again, like epilepsy, people feel that being that have a fit and they convulse and people are afraid of keeping them safe.

These beliefs put patients at risk of harassment or neglect, says Janice Cooper, who heads a project on mental health run by the Carter Center in Liberia.

Policy changes are slowly underway.

In recent years, global institutions have focused on the importance of mental health, including WHO, that launched the Mental Health Gap Action Program in 2008 to address insufficient mental health care in lowto middle income countries. Earlier this year, former Liberian president Charles Taylor was sentenced in The Hague to 50 years in prison for aiding and abetting war crimes throughout the ’11year’ conflict, that killed 50000 people and left Now, a mentalhealth survey conducted by the World Health Organization estimated that 400000 Sierra Leoneans suffered from mental illnesses similar to depression or ‘post traumatic’ stress disorder, with less than 1 the population percent receiving treatment, right after the war ended in 2002. Now pay attention please. In neighboring Liberia, that suffered an equally brutal conflict and where an estimated 40 the populace percent suffers from ‘posttraumatic’ stress disorder, lots of us know that there is likewise only one public psychiatrist and one psychiatric hospital. As pointed out by WHO, most developing countries dedicate less than 2 health percent budgets to ‘mentalhealth’ care, and many have no specific money allocated for mental health anyway.

And therefore the outdated Lunacy Act which is more than 100 years old will also be revised.

It says little about the rights of the mentally ill and nothing about regulations for treatment, it details procedures for the commitment of patients and the administration of their property.

Without substantial funding to back it up, the policy risks remaining a piece of paperwork. You see, it’s an illness that can happen to anybody, as those of us who have seen depression at first hand know. Just think for a moment. Depression can be prevented and treated. With sometimes devastating consequences for relationships with family and friends, it causes mental anguish and affects our ability to carry out everyday tasks. Promoting mental health and well being, and the prevention and treatment of substance abuse, are integral parts of the Sustainable Development Agenda to transform our world by 2030 adopted by the United Nations General Assembly on 25 September This is recognition of the importance of these areas of health within global development and health priorities. Now, an aid escorts them in separately. Now look, a middleaged man with deformed elbows who speaks fluent German and is a prophet of God; Now, a petite elderly lady with missing teeth who says she is pregnant with twins; and a man who divides his life into historical epochs and claims he is visited every night by people who rture him under the orders of his ex lover Claudia Schiffer, Nigerian man with a wide smile who believes his penis has split in two.

About Centre: Our Mandate Always Was Easy

mental health centreEach program provides outsourcing that may comprise inpatient, outpatient, partial hospitalization, day hospital, assertive community treatment, outreach and mental health rehabilitation.

The Royal redevelopment Ottawa Mental Health Centre was part of a ‘provincewide’ effort to get mental health care shadows out, and provide a leadingedge hospital which combines wireless information technology with a healing, therapeutic environment filled with unusual light, extensive patient courtyards and a Winter Garden.

Clinicians at the Royal work with their partners throughout healthcare system to ensure that patients have timely access to specialized mental health outsourcing and that treatment has probably been tailored to individual patient needs. Royal combines specialized delivery mental health care, advocacy, research and education to transform lives of people with complex and treatment resistant mental illness. The Royal has always been one of Canada’s foremost mental health care and academic health science centres. So, Royal Ottawa Foundation for Mental Health raises credits that support Royal’s work while placing a sharp focus on awareness building through the You see Who I Am campaign. Our mandate usually was plain simple.

mental health centreServing communities across Eastern Ontario, the 400000 ‘square foot’ Royal Ottawa Mental Health Centre features a ‘state of art’ psychiatric teaching hospital with 284 inpatient beds and a tower housing Ottawa University Institute of Mental Health Research.

Delivering excellence in specialized mental health care, advocacy, research and education.

For more information about University of Ottawa Institute of Mental Health Research, including latest research trials and participating benefits in studies, please visit Research at the Royal section of our website. Explore our Client Statement of Values or view the Royal’s Declaration of Commitment to Recovery from the Mental Health Commission of Canada.

We have usually been guided by innovation and a passionate commitment to collaboration, honesty, integrity and respect.

Researchers and investigators at Ottawa University Institute of Mental Health Research are world pioneers in the genetics of mental illness and have been internationally recognized for their work and role in.

For more information about treatment options at the Royal Ottawa Mental Health Centre or the Brockville Mental Health Centre, please visit the Mental Health at Royal section on our website. Mental health care transformed through partnerships, innovation and discovery.

Royal has a new role as a specialized mental health facility for residents of communities across Eastern Ontario.

This means the programs should be aimed specifically at treating people with complex and self-assured mental illnesses which were probably mostly resistant to treatment. Royal has a completely new role as a specialized mental health facility for residents of communities across Eastern Ontario. Of course patients might be referred from psychiatric programs in hospitals throughout the region when specialized care is appropriate. Patients gonna be referred from psychiatric programs in hospitals throughout the region when specialized care usually was appropriate. This means programs should be aimed specifically at treating people with complex and assured mental illnesses which have probably been quite often resistant to treatment.