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Mental Health Matters – Was It As He Loved To See Him In Pain

mental health matters Actually the Sharp nurses contend that large wage increases are vital in order to prevent their colleagues from moving to other hospitals for better pay.

The RNs plan to strike until Sharp HealthCare addresses the quality of care and nurse retention by paying competitive wages.

As indicated by union calculations, sharp is short that places excessive pressure on the current staff of RNs. Of course sharp Professional Nurses Network and the United Nurses Association of California rejected Sharp’s latest proposal in October, that offeredwage increases of 16 to 26 percent over a threeyear contract term, Sharp said. Hey I bet you are saying to yourself what does love got to do with it?

That my friend is simple, it’s got everything to do with it!

You loathe there and tell me or even sit there and tell me that love doesn’t have or play a huge roll in your lifespan!

mental health matters It has everything to do with you. I would like to ask you something. Now why is it are primal interest to love and be loved? He got lonely and God in his infinite wisdom, decide to make Adam a mate, from his own rib even, when Adam was alone in the Garden of Eden. You look for to find a mate and be loved, now you? Eventually, say yes, as I know this to be true. He really must are lonely and wanted to be loved, that’s right with the very first person and God agreed with him!

mental health matters Now do you see were the very first love and be loved ok place? Now why would Adam become lonely in the Garden of Eden, a perfect place? Why was that not good enough for the human race, now we know for a fact that God loved Adam and perfectly I might add. It’s simple he felt the need to be loved by another human to be complete. Now do you feel that God made a mistake here? That said, it would seem that he knew it all, I mean he is the all knowing. Begging and the end, does that make sense to you so far? That’s right! Was it as he loved to see him in pain?

Well if he knew already that Adam was preparing to get lonely, why wouldn’t he have created Eve at quite similar time?

I think not!

Why make Adam suffer all those years, we’ve already stated he knows all? What we don’t understand is why God didn’t make Eva right from the get go? Usually, you undoubtedly should better you can be asking, well that’s a very interesting poser you asked and I’ll do my best to answer this question of yours. Just think for a moment. With that said, this was no big surprise to him, now here goes one more of my crazy theories, God knew Adam should indeed get lonely. Now we have the tricky part of the entire thing!

He also knew that we as humans built in his own image, should get lonely by ourselves and that we should need a mate, It’s sort of just like this God knew Adam should get lonely.

Whenever knowing this he created them anyway, not as he didn’t love them but because of the fact that he loved them, god knew that Adam and Eve would eat the notorious forbidden fruit of good and evil.

Two shall leave there home and become one. Nevertheless, the known as first sin was actually the first realization that we are part of God, the Holy Spirit will never leave or forsake you, and do you think that statement? Now should you agree with me on this? Ok, and now one of the most important parts. Now here goes were it gets heavy. Although, well my friend Jesus himself said this and as far as I know he was the main sinless soul. OK we have established that fact that we come from God and we have the Holy Sprit with us always.

What this means is God in his infinite wisdom, knew that Adam was incomplete and knew he needed a mate and he also gave us free will. Has it ever occurred to you that we are collaborators in creation? Now on ward this free will was not the first sin as we suspected, it was actually that we were human beings and connected to God. Consequently, why hereafter was Adam lonely, it was God experiencing this, all of Adams feeling and here’s why we are called collaborators in creation. Essentially, yes God wanted it from the get go, for there to be brave and a woman. Now when God and Adam grew tired of being lonely and wanted another person to be with them, he created Eva, now adding a brand new dimension to the relationship, was two humans gether both one with God, yet they’ve been creating their time gether and God was pleased and he was now exercising the joy of a complete human race.

Adam and Eva feel in love in the human form and were collaborators in creation with God, that brought his understanding of the human relationship and how he was experiencing the relationship with them and all humans to come for generation and generations and it all started with the basics of love is all there’s and when God felt that he needed more than the human races feeling, he hereafter sent his only son The Jesus to earth to feel all that was left out with just human relationships. He experienced love of a single true form and that must be Jesus, only one sinless soul, who would transform this thing we call death, that started when we first realized that we where part of God. Yes love does play a big role in the workings of the universe and yes love is all So there’s, now can you see how that love is all there’s and God created us to love each other and the two shall become one and love thy neighbor as you love thy self!

Mental Health Matters – I Recently Attended A Charity Event Raising Money For Ocd Research

mental health matters In fiscal year 2012, the USA spent $ 11 dot 4 billion on these payments, about $ 456 that million preparing to the care of the mentally ill.

More than half a million Americans with serious mental illness are falling through the cracks of a system in tatters, a USA TODAY special report shows. The mentally ill who have nowhere to go and find little sympathy from those around them often land hard in emergency rooms, county jails and city streets.

Unlucky ones show up in the morgue. Actually the lucky ones find homes with family. Please do not have a login, already a print edition subscriber. Consequently, as pointed out by a April report from the Treatment Advocacy Center, that’s 10 times more people with mental illness in jail or prison than in state funded psychiatric beds, that are often a solitary ones accessible to indigent and uninsured patients. More than 350000 mentally ill people are behind bars. Even I need this reminder.

mental health matters While explaining that these words have become this part of our vernacular that it’s been difficult to break the habit, even when it’s p of mind, I caught myself and apologized to the man.

I recently attended a charity event raising money for OCD research.

While speaking with a young man who had just addressed the group about his mental health problems, Actually I began citing stats from the Women’s Health May story, inadvertently blurting out, Can you believe how crazy this stat is, during a dinner break. Now let me ask you something. Followed by, worse, How insane is that? Complete understanding, and a solution he has consciously decided to replace those words with another.. His response? I get that she meant this as a compliment, and it doesn’t make me mad or hurt to hear such things.

mental health matters Implication was that being that I have OCD, I actually must be extremely detailed, and being that detailed has helped me succeed as editorinchief of Women’s Health magazine.

Since this is what my illness really looks like.

It does baffle me. That said, actually, it has simply increased the degree of misunderstanding by confusing two different conditions with almost identical name. It So in case this reflected a greater understanding of obsessive compulsive disorder. People with OCD, in contrast, are suffering from a serious anxiety disorder that greatly impinges on their lives. Now look, the term ‘OCD’ has recently displaced ‘anal’ in contemporary slang as a way of describing people who are more than usually meticulous. While meaning they’re a bit fussy, Anal’ people do not usually have OCD really, they simply have an obsessive compulsive personality type. That’s where it starts getting serious, right? While being ‘anal’ can be an asset in there’re no privileges in having OCD at any level, as in a job that requires attention to detail.

Here’s why, in the May issue of Women’s Health and during National Women’s Health Week, we’re working to bust the stigma surrounding mental illness and asking people to think before casually throwing around words like crazy or schizo or insane.

Now we actually must be clear.

More so, as a writer and an editor and I have no desire to police language or tell people what they can and can’t say. Generally, I do think we all have a responsibility to think about the meaning of our words before using them. It’s a funny word, one I haven’t thought much about since Gwen Stefani writeped it in It has a way of diffusing something that’s deep and heavy, and I’ve decided to adopt it myself. With all that said… We both laughed. Add the #WhoNotWhat overlay to your profile picture on Twitter and Facebook, to join Women’s ealth in ending the stigma surrounding mental illness.

Mental Health Matters – Mental Health Also Covers Compassion Control Creativity Love Optimism Resilience Spirituality

mental health matters Learn more at. Words we use in describing the field of worksite wellness field matter. You do need to learn the words you are using, right? The serious poser of what words mean plays itself out within a couple of areas in the field of worksite wellness, not merely in the arena of mental health. Do the terms mental health and mental illness mean quite similar thing? Furthermore, it’s vital to be clear about how key words used in the field are defined, since words matter. Do you know an answer to a following question. Can they be used interchangeably? Wellness refers to the degree to which one feels positive and enthusiastic about life. With that said, it includes the capacity to manage one’s feelings and related behaviors, including the realistic assessment of one’s autonomy, limitations, and ability to cope effectively with stress. Published models all show that wellness is a multi dimensional concept. PTSD. Notice, these conditions should include. Now pay attention please. Mental illness refers to conditions that affect cognition, emotion, and behavior.

mental health matters Research shows that mental illness, especially depression, is strongly associated with other diseases. Illness refers to the presence or absence of disease. Mental health is positive psychological functioning that emphasizes growth, meaning, and personal capacity. Mental health also covers compassion, control, creativity, love, optimism, resilience. Research into mental health has found that it influences physical health and biological functioning. Therefore, research shows that high positive affect as measured in regards to happiness, joy, contentment, and enthusiasm is linked with lower morbidity, increased longevity, reduced health symptoms, better endocrine system function, better health response, lower inflammatory response and lower blood pressure. Wellbeing is also a multi dimensional concept, like wellness. While wellbeing refers to a state of happiness, with generally positive physical and cognitive health. For instance, the dimensions of wellbeing include. Recovery from mental illness and substance abuse gonna be seen as a bridge between health and illness.

mental health matters Researchers have clearly documented that the absence of mental illness does not necessarily indicate the presence of mental health. Mental illness and mental health are independent dimensions. And so it’s important for employers to understand that. Mental health and mental illness are rooted in a dynamic and complex biopsychosocial model of disease and health. Recent studies show that higher levels of wellness and wellbeing are linked with better regulation of biological systems which serves as a protective influence on good physical health. You can find more info about it on this website. Just as different levels of health risk stratification require different wellness related programming, different approaches are required for different mental illness subpopulations. Classic example of this being wellness.

Really employee health status management, worksite wellness day ain’t wellness in general.

Our definitions for health, wellness and mental health have changed, as our understanding and research results have progressed over time.

It’s also important to recognize that in addition to knowing what these terms mean, how these terms are operationalized in the workplace is also critically important, Therefore if not more so. I suspect that as we continue to learn more from research, worksite wellness related definitions will continue to evolve. You can find some more information about this stuff here. I specialize in mentoring worksite program coordinators and creating Done With You worksite employee health and wellbeing programs. You can contact me at Mind and the body can not be separated. My unique background qualifies me to provide you the leadership necessary to implement integrated interventions. Ok, and now one of the most important parts. I invite you to let me your personal effective, successful and sustainable program.

Mental Health Matters – We Self Sabotage Your Plans And We Don’t Even Know This

mental health matters Dancing is another way to dispel the negativity. These simple techniques can Blasted terror barrier, what exactly is it? The question is. Just frozen they are unable to move? He is struck with terror and can not move from his spot even if it means he gets squished and dies. Of course, it’s what sort of happens to us, we get caught in the bright lights of life, that is our past and how we’ve always acted!

mental health matters We can now break through the terror barrier and move from out of those lights and we won’t get squished by the past and we so move on past the terror barrier, unto a brand new reality which is free from terror! Have you ever seen a dear stuck in his spot in your head lights? It was put to me in these certain terms, now don’t laugh, it sounds so simple that I even said what the hell, with that said, this can’t be it! Then, iF YOU DO THE THING, YOU WILL HAVE THE POWER, IF YOU DON’T DO THE THING, YOU WON’T HAVE THE POWER! Essentially, you might be asking your self how do I break all these bad habits and be frozen in the past or the way we was taught to act in certain situations. Considering the above said. We have to find a way that works for us, to get past the terror barrier. Yes and no is my answer. Good thing for you is, you will now have a blueish print to overcome this terror barrier, that I struggled with for my whole life! For thirty six my life years I fought the terror barrier and have just recently found out how to break this nasty little wall of terror.

mental health matters Can you it really be that simple?

Self relation that a terror barrier does truly exist and that you are affected by it almost any day it literally takes control over you.

What’s our first step in overcoming the terror barrier? Anyways, if you disagree that there’s no terror barrier, please stop reading this book now, and send it back for a full refund, I’d say if you can’t do this step you sure as hell aren’t intending to go to the next step. Now what do you think chances of beating are? Look, there’s hope and recognize that hope is always there and will always be there and you can tap into the universal power that is one with God, recognition that you are helpless over the terror barrier at the moment.

Now what actually is our next step in overcoming the terror barrier? Now as soon as you get a handle on this step lifespan. Moves you one step closer to your dreams, Therefore in case you but will continue to try so each failure or not getting the right results you need. Of course, if you get knocked down, relentlessness’ pursuit of your goal or dreams, get back up and try it again the main way you are considered a failure is if you stop trying. It’s the tenth one that makes you a millionaire, robert Kiosks says you will fail nine times out of ten. Be rent less in your pursuit of your dreams and goals and know that next failure gets you one step closer to your desired results.

Notice, just as you don’t make on your first try don’t sweat it, you can make it on the second or third time and so it is a given. Being a failure ain’t so bad as long as the more you fail the closer you are getting to what you seek for.

Being rent less in your pursuit every time you fail or you do not get the desired Results you are that much closer to your desired results.

Well it sort of goes like that.

What really is next? Consequently, zig Ziglar says that failure is an event not a person. Now we have covered the three a r’s, Recognition, Realization. As a result, your time will come and before you know it you will overcome that terror barrier! Please know when you are failing that ain’t your personality, it’s just something that happened to you, it’s an event. It is who cares if you fail that isn’t you, that is just some event that got you one step closer to your desired results. Well you must because every step gets you closer to your goals.

I bet you are saying no way why will I do that?

Now you will sometimes erect wall that keep you in the place where you are at.

Now do you see that with these three action steps you get closer and closer to overcoming your terror barrier? Needless to say, let me explain. Why is this so, the brain knows that That’s a fact, it’s much easier to stay where you are hereafter to do all the work required to get to the next level. On p of this, pOW everything falls apart and you have to stay where you are at. Almost any time you think you are getting to where it’s you seek for to go. We erect barriers that weren’t normally will be there.

We self sabotage your plans and we don’t even know this.


By the three R’s so follow the steps we have just outlined and you going to be well on your way to beat the thing we call the nasty terror barrier and this will stretch your reality and hereupon you will see a whole new world open up to you! Now once we understand that so it’s what we are doing, we can find a way to stop it. Please know that you can freely distribute this article to antone you need, who this may do not see positive results with whatever illness you have’ Dr.