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Mental Health Stability – Warning Signs And Symptoms

mental health stability Higher doses of exercise might be more effective at improving mental illness but people should be less going to stick to them. Search under Mental Health Information or refer to the Mental Health America brochure on that illness, to learn more about symptoms that are specific to a particular mental illness. Then the following are signs that your loved one may need to speak to a medical or mental health professional. Note that the onset of a few of the symptoms below, and not merely any one change, indicates a issue that could be assessed. So it’s especially important to pay attention to sudden changes in thoughts and behaviors. So symptoms below shouldn’t be due to recent substance use or another medical condition. It can be physically and emotionally trying, and can make us feel vulnerable to the opinions and judgments of others.

mental health stability Most families are not prepared to cope with learning their loved one has a mental illness.

Schedule time awayto preventbecoming frustrated or angry.

If you schedule time for yourself it will some amount of time for yourself, if you are the caregiver. Notice, after all you might be glad you sought help, it may take time until you are comfortable. Be patient and talk to a few professionals you can choose the person that is right for you and your family, when looking for a therapist.

mental health stability Despite the different symptoms and kinds of mental types illnesses, lots of families who have a loved one with mental illness, share similar experiences.

Share what you have learned with others.

Accept that these feelings are normal and common among families going through similar situations. While worrying what other people will think because of the stigma, or wondering what caused your loved one to become ill, you may find yourself denying the warning signs. You see, figure out all you can about your loved one’s illness by reading and talking with mental health professionals. Most people reckon that mental disorders are rare and happen to somebody else.

Estimated 54 million Americans suffer from some sort of mental disorder in a given year. Actually, mental disorders are common and widespread. With proper care and treatment many individuals learn to cope or recover from a mental illness or emotional disorder. Mental health problems can be associated with excessive stress since a particular situation or series of events. Diabetes and heart disease, mental illnesses are often physical as well as emotional and psychological, as with cancer. Mental illnesses might be caused by a reaction to environmental stresses, genetic factors, biochemical imbalances, or a combination of these. Normally, a lot of more common disorders are depression, bipolar disorder, dementia, schizophrenia and anxiety disorders. Fact, symptoms may include changes in mood, personality, personal habits and also social withdrawal. Now regarding the aforementioned fact… There’re more than 200 classified forms of mental illness. As a result, other members of the family may feel ignored or resentful, when this happens.

Mental Health Stability – Explore Everyday Health

mental health stability It only takes nine small steps to create permanent dietary. Discover these and change your life forever! Charles Darwin discovered that we are basically primates. Scientific discoveries carried on in the end of the twentieth century prove that the truth about the human nature is more complex than what he had believed. Result of the existence of behavioral programs that predefine our reactions, relying on the various stimuli of our environment that put them into action, so this means that quite a few of the reactions that appear in our behavior are not the result of our own decisions. All wild animals are programmed to have certain specific reactions to various stimuli from their environment that indicate danger, that biologist and behaviorist Konrad Lorenz and identical biologists discovered that we are basically programmed to react in a certain way.

The conclusions he made were not appreciated by our hypocritical world leaders.

Lorenz related the findings of many biologists to his own findings concerning human and animal behavior. His remarkable research should have enlightened humanity. Even when he was honored with the Noble Prize in 1974, that’s why his discoveries didn’t change the global mindset. He discovered that mostly there’re so many ‘hardwired’ responses in human behavior, that we can not talk about ‘human freedom’. We don’t control our behavior as we believe we do. I’d say if we are already programmed to react like animals in so many ways, we don’t have the freedom to make our own decisions and do what we really need to. I related Konrad Lorenz’s discoveries to Carl Jung’s discoveries about the meaning of dreams.

mental health stability With the difference that it can think, That’s a fact, it’s a very violent primate.

The anti conscience is our primitive conscience that didn’t evolve like our human side.

Whenever discovering the wild side of our conscience that he could not see, I continued Jung’s research through dream interpretation. Existence of such primitive content in the biggest part of our brain means that we are basically cavemen who didn’t evolve enough yet. That’s the reason why so many behavioral programs determine our behavior. I know that the powerful ‘anticonscience’ generates mental illnesses and mental disorders within our human conscience until it manages to destroy it. On p of that, while leading us to terror and despair, it completely controls our behavior. Anyway, we must also eliminate the negative behavior imposed by its violent nature. We must eliminate the absurd thoughts generated by our anti conscience, So in case we look for to maintain our mental stability and behave the way that will lifespan.

Mental Health Stability – We Don’t Control Our Behavior As We Believe We Do

mental health stability Nearly any nurse understands and respects the need for patient confidentiality.

Our connection to our patients and our colleagues depends on it, as professionals.

Keep it we must! Charles Darwin discovered that we are basically primates. Scientific discoveries carried on in the end of the twentieth century prove that the truth about the human nature is more complex than what he had believed. Basically the result of the existence of behavioral programs that ‘pre define’ our reactions, according to the various stimuli of our environment that put them into action, that said, this means that most of the reactions that appear in our behavior are not the result of our own decisions. Basically, the biologist and behaviorist Konrad Lorenz and identical biologists discovered that we are basically programmed to react in a certain way.

mental health stability All wild animals are programmed to have certain specific reactions to various stimuli from their environment that indicate danger, that despite the fact that he was honored with the Noble Prize in 1974, that’s the reason why his discoveries didn’t change the global mindset. Anyways, his remarkable research should have enlightened humanity. Accordingly the conclusions he made were not appreciated by our hypocritical world leaders. Fact, he discovered that So there’re so many hardwired responses in human behavior, that we can’t talk about ‘human freedom’. We don’t control our behavior as we believe we do. If we are already programmed to react like animals in so many ways, we don’t have the freedom to make our own decisions and do what we really seek for to. You should take it into account. I related Konrad Lorenz’s discoveries to Carl Jung’s discoveries about the meaning of dreams. While discovering the wild side of our conscience that he could not see, I continued Jung’s research through dream interpretation.

With the difference that it can think, Surely it’s a very violent primate. And therefore the anticonscience is our primitive conscience that didn’t evolve like our human side. That’s why so many behavioral programs determine our behavior.

I know that the existence of such primitive content in the biggest part of our brain means that we are basically cavemen who didn’t evolve enough yet. Known the powerful ‘anti conscience’ generates mental illnesses and mental disorders within our human conscience until it manages to destroy it. While leading us to terror and despair, it completely controls our behavior. We must also eliminate the negative behavior imposed by its violent nature.

Mental Health Stability: Naturally So It’s Fine And Gonna Be So But And So It’s Not Afforded To Me

mental health stability Immediately, Arkin started searching for resources in this place and tried to make her son an appointment with a local hospital. Jason should have to call himself. She says privileges of disclosing include better understanding and twoway communication.

It got to the stage where I could not even go in to the building where our office was located.

I have a mental issue a few years ago where I was suffering from severe anxiety to the pint where I was physically ill at work. I had to go on extended leave for 11 months at which time I was sacked. My immediate Manager was no support whatsoever when I ld him and it just seemed to make matters worse. In hindsight, I would not have even ld my GP as And so it’s now on my medical record and can never go away. I have depression and I will never share that information with an employer again. Now look. My depression has never affected the quality or productivity of my work, actually I’ve always been one of a kind performers, and on good days, I pat myself on the back for being successful in spite of this horrible illness.

mental health stability It was used against me when I tried to bring a bullying claim against a former manager, I’ve also been refused insurance on a couple of occasions. Because when you are depressed, in bad times, it’s really tough, you seek for understanding but the stigma is can be fearful to share their circumstances due to concerns about the impact on career opportunities. Common concerns include. Employers may not even venture down the path of giving an employee with a known mental illness a promotion unless they are well established and have a positive track record. Just think for a moment. They know I’ll give back later at 150 per cent. When I’m well I’m a high flyer. Considering the above said. My managers know I am good value.

mental health stability Taking some amount of time off ain’t a significant problem.

I don’t know what their experience is.

Catherine acknowledges not everyone is a high flyer. Basically, most of us are aware that there is no obligation to tell your employer about a mental health condition if it does not affect how well you do your job. I also feel that anti discrimination laws are useless, as per other contributors. We are simply useless at accommodating people with mental illness in our workplaces and I know it’s very much to our detriment. Now this must change. Barnes says in addition to providing income work can also give you, So in case you have a mental health condition work is often very important. Hiding a mental health condition can create additional stress and anxiety if you are already struggling and it can prevent you seeking Besides, a decent score in an annual anonymised 3rd party engagement survey will be a decent start. Now let me ask you something. Who decided the definition of mental illness and mental health? We shall get real about the true causes. Of course, there’s a very ugly, dark undercurrent at play in the Australian psyche that projects into areas of vulnerability that de humanise people in lots of ways. Usually, as Leunig said. I am! Social, cultural and environmental factors are rarely discussed as source problems in the medical model understanding of mental health or mental illness. Let us look closely at our policies and institutional modes of social control to open up the conversation honestly and not simply tinker around the edges.

mental health stability Just read the commentary in this discussion and you will start to appreciate most of the broader societal problems causing this prevalence of depression.

Humiliate and hurt ourselves and ourselves we will enculturate the great depression a lot more, while we continue to diminish.

In the course of the Kennett era of government Victoria was more privatised than the entire of the UK under Margaret Thatcher. It is despite my colleagues wanting me to have the promotion and having been ‘used’ in the position for some amount of time without any extra remuneration. As a result, having disclosed my mental illness in an industry that deals with the serious problem, and one you should expect to respond appropriately, I’m almost sure I was appalled to be ld not to bother applying for a promotion as I was considered any workplace and your personal circumstances individually to determine whether to disclose or not, as the article indicates.

I have had an ongoing mental health problem I had a migraine induced stroke in My work experience since had been that at the point I disclose, my job either becomes so difficult so I leave OR I am put on forced sick leave or offered redundancy.

I have fought these via industrial commission, Equal Opportunity and Human Rights but finally these years of struggle I have given up and live on a disability pension despite being highly educated with strong work ethic and varied work experience. One lawyer said you’d better never disclose! We were an organisation whose job was to support those living with mental health problems. Furthermore, to say I was flabbergasted is an understatement. Doesn’t it sound familiar? I wasn’t fired but I did quit within 2 job starting months -the support for staff there was attrociously bad.

mental health stability I disclosed a mental health issue to my manager.

YES to this!

Her reply to me was Your no good to us if that’s might be a huge poser. I’ll never disclose again. When I went back to work I fully disclosed it to management and about my lack of support from work and went on to make policy recommendations about how to contact people on maternity leave and managing employees back into the workplace. Normally, while understanding and helpful, I was revisited by PND with my second child and my work were incredibly supportive. However, I had terrible ‘postnatal’ depression with my first child and talked to my manager about it who really didn’t know what to say.

We all learned very much from my experience. Build trust and leave a legacy of trust. I’ve recently had to disclose PTSD to my current employer after the tv news played footage of the fatal accident of a fellow employee unexpectedly, well after the incident, one evening and I didn’t have a plausible reason to chuck a sickie for the next couple of days to get to a weekend haven. Uncontrollably crying is not an appropriate workplace behaviour. He and the receptionists in the centre abused me until I left. Usually, very few workplaces are really like that and from the outside you can’t tell which is which. It is I’m waiting nervously to see if my moment of weakness in telling the reality is intending to hurt this position and I’m kicking myself for not having the presence of mind to say some English aunt had died.-.

I’m very happy you have an understanding boss. It ok some amount of time to recover from the episode and I will never again tell anybody I work with about me condition. As an university lecturer Catherine also needs to manage students who have a mental health condition. As a result, she says an increasing number of students are asking for special provisions for mental health conditions. Besides, it is something Catherine has also noticed. Usually, having made the mistake of disclosing this information once, I actually will never do it again. When I required stress leave after working/being on call 24/7 7 for 2 months, they wouldn’t accept my workcover claim, as I had a pre existing condition, I’m almost sure I thought I could trust my manager at the time. Then, hi, just came across this site. Then, a parentof a child tried to befriend her, and she innocently mentioned her small tattoo shows that she is strong snd overcame the psychosis shed suffered. MY DAUGHTER has a job in childcare, snd studying ward diploma. Let me tell you something. Iam overseas and feel helpless. She is good at her job and wants yo get on with it but the ongoing meetings and all that stuff seem a ploy to remove her, any thoughts? Certainly a double edged sword.

Upside of the story, roughly 12 months after my mental health problems, I moved to a completely different employer.

Because of me speaking up.

All throughout the process, HR said that once I was right again, By the way I would be reinstated to my original job. I lost my position. HR wouldn’t reinstate me to my previous position. Besides, pA more than I was on prior + they have great employee support services. Mentioning to your employer about any mental health problems should be approached with extreme caution.In my exact situation, I actually mentioned to my manager in passing about depression and that I was seeking professional treatment to sort it out. To my surprise, HR put me in a lower paying job -as they’ve been concerned about my welfare working alone. Try to make an appointment with enough time for a lengthy conversation.

Be sure it’s a great time for the person you are meeting with and they aren’t distracted by other concerns. She also says timing is important. Oh, I forgot to mention, the original provisional diagnosis of BiPolar, was overturned a decade later by a medical review board, and reclassified as PTSD -now resolved -but try getting anyone to believe you when you tell them that.There is no escape when you are targeted for consumption by the mental health system. The problems with this debate is that plenty of the advice is depending on what may be true rather than what you are actually going to experience from real living and breathing people. Also, I made the mistake of disclosing my bi polar disorder once. All of a sudden I was moved into an entirely different job and never given senior assignments again.

When I later discovered that the boss is a born again Christian who believes mental illness is the work of the devil no percentage of anti discrimination law was intending to make any difference if he was clever as to how he blocked my any opportunity for promotion.

Later I found our about Employment Assistance Fund, Job Access, Jobs in Jeopardy which provides assistive devices and work modifications to applicants.

I am devastated about my ignorance that I was entitled to have assistive listening devices at work. Normally, to date I have had no success to even receiving a reply to my job applications. Considering the above said. Lost income, lost productivity, less super, a diminished life are the consequences I live with. I know it’s not only mental illness, a hearing impairment was to me a stigmatised condition in my career. I simply felt a brand new qualification in another field, I am a mature age jobseeker.

I ok early retirement.

From my own horrible experience, mental health is not so much a concern about what the employer or fellow employees So it’s all about the tal uncertainty of what’s happening to you.

Practice was not that simple, while the author should be correct -theoretically. Besides, my circumstances were such that I did not know why I was suffering anxiety. Anyway, because of that paradox, Know what guys, I quite literally thought I was going mad. I’m quite sure I couldn’t control it, To be honest I knew I was being unreasonable in my anxiety. Whenever calling a ‘help line’ was also the very last thing on my mind, I was striving to work out what was going on and that only caused further problems, I might add. Yes there had been a recent dramatic change in circumstances surrounding me but they’ve been as a matter of fact reasonable, quite logical and were a perfectly normal and correct response to a situation so I had dismissed them as the cause -and to be perfectly frank I still don’t know whether they’ve been the cause or just a contributor. Anyway, I clearly remember sitting at my desk quite literally scared stiff I was going mad.

Drugs has helped me to get it under control for ageser taking drugs, the anxiety is still happily boiling away under the surface but I now recognise the signs of a ‘attack’ and take measures to change what I’m doing at the time.

Whenever finding a fellow sufferer at work the two of us became quite close and found great solace in ourselves simply by talking, having said all of that.

In my own mind there was no reason to be anxious about them but the ‘other’ part of my brain couldn’t accept that. Consequently, it was all to do with the sacredness for any longer being that I didn’t know what was going on, Quite frankly, the last thing on my mind was talking to others and for any longer being that I was afraid of what their reaction you must talk to someone you can call Lifeline on 13 11 14. Fact, reading articles on mental health problems may trigger deep feelings.

Despite my workplace knowing I was discriminated against, I lodged a complaint about covert bulling and discrimination.

I’m really fed up of being labelled ‘sensitive’ and people’s bad behaviours continue not being addressed.

I continue to marginalised by sections of the organisation despite the fact I perform really well. Long way to go yet. My complaint was not substantiated despite a credible witness. Employee I complained counter complained. I work in the public health system. Actually, I was accused of something I didn’t do, found guilty and sanctioned. Essentially, what actually is needed is more compassion and effective help. Quite a few people are both ignorant of and tally denigratory of mental health problems. I’m not sure how to take your Any decent person will look out for another in the time of need unless that person ain’t willing to is not willing to actually I left. Oftentimes they won. My psych report was put on the public server for all my colleagues to see. I was sent off for a second opinion. Most managers in this country lack basic people management skills and are examples of rank ignorance in this area, and a lot of other areas besides, even including fiscal responsibility and corporate governance! Needless to say, what a silly and foolish article. Never, ever disclose except in the sort of a medical certificate or edited report from a specialist, and even so, only if its absolutely necessary. Say as little as possible and say that And so it’s all under control. After reading the other posts.

You have to be careful how you say it.

There has always been a question about it, Actually I have always disclosed, however I will prefer not to, when applying for a job.

Now, Actually I have to be assessed by my GP at least every 2 years and have a list of instructions on my drivers licence to take medication as prescribed by doctor! My insurance wouldn’t cover me, and relying on what happens in the accident I could end up being charged. As pointed out by law in WA this consequently gives them the power to force you to have a medical examination, my previous employers and fellow work mates exacerbated my illness.What bothers me more is the fact that if you tick the box when renewing your drivers licence, whenever they seek for to, to be declared fit to drive!

Having said that, my current work environment is very supportive and perfect for me.

I seriously think that the authorities have latched onto the mental health population as if they are the cause of all the problems, however in my experiences it’s the supposedly normal population group that need to be investigated and targeted more.

I find this highly discriminatory, and it causes anxiety and stress, and the reality is, loads of us know that there are so many ‘normal’ people out there driving -who seriously need to be assessed more urgently than little old me. With that said, apparently, if I don’t tick this box, and after that I have an accident -then the shit really hits the fan. That’s right! Please! Figures suggest almost half of Australians with a mental health condition are withholding this information from their for ages being that they are worried it should put their job at risk. Then again, despite this positive shift, Barnes says stigma is a continuing problem in our workplaces and it stops loads of us from disclosing our condition at work. As a result, I can’t trust him and I wish I had lied about it.

When I joined my local CFA brigade I disclosed that I was on medication.

He is a vindictive person who will be happy to use such information against people.

Later, Actually I found out that the person in charge of that information was in the habit of revealing personal details of members. I should have to say ‘don’t disclose’.There is awful lot ofBy the way, the stigma is stronger than ever. Essentially, maybe the strongest it has ever been. Certainly, thinking the stigma had gone. Absolutely spot on, So it’s neither wise nor necessary to disclose mental illness. Take time off work, a doctor ain’t obliged to disclose the nature of your illness to your employer, Therefore in case you fall ill. It’s only your personal business, if you are taking the appropriate medication why isn’t suitably trained to deal with problems of a non physical nature. Plenty of work needs to be done in this particular area as they are the first point of call. Sounds familiar? This sometimes is bit of aAnd so it’s not always necessary to be referred on. Click through for an extensive list of national and statebased counseling contacts. Particularly if it does not affect your ability to do your job. For example, if its irrelevant therefore it can only invite discrimination. Why do you must speak about Mental Health, I’d say if you dont talk to your Boss about your bad hip or blood pressure. Trust me you have enough fights with parties which legally can discriminate to worry about work. Plenty of people talk to early for any longer being that they look for to talk to anyone about it. Lots of info can be found easily by going online. YOU DO NOT NEED TOO. Interesting I am referring to Mental Health workers. Ok, and now one of the most important parts. Instead ring beyond blue and your GP and go from there with a referral. This is the case. I was recently going through a major depressive episode. You are history, if this is remotely threatened. I’d say if you end up mentally collapsing, your workplace will step over your body and hire somebody new. Workplaces could care less how you feel, they just seek for their dollarsworth in the evening.

You shouldn’t speak up, So if you seek for a job.

You’re hardly in a position to fight back when you can barely comb your hair in the morning, are you?

I spoke about it to my boss and her response was to aggressively pick at my work over the next couple of weeks and she eventually bullied me into resigning. That said, I work for a large government organisation, that on the face of it have progressive rules relating to diversity and mental health. It’s a case of damned if you do, damned if you don’ A mental illness will inevitably affect your working life. Despite all the policies globally, So there’s nothing to compel even government organisations to do the right thing. Anyways, they failed to intervene when I was bullied, despite a formal complaint from me, that led to a brreakdown and suicide attempt. Eventually, I am denied opportunities available to others. Eventually, they say all the right things. Long period, and they will never make a connection between your symptoms and difficult life events, and their care plan does not include you getting better, it’s just intended to keep you in a docile stupor. Forget being taken seriously or being able to argue a point ever again, forget being able to complain about anything, forget being able to have an opinion that differs with others, all we’re looking at just more symptoms of your illness, as soon as people suspect you have a mental illness. Because they weren’t in writing, yep -I ld by boss that I was suffering from depression. Where none of the things I disclosed to him happened. With that said, you’re lucky in the public sector. I broke down at FWA and was treated like an idiot by everyone, and almost carried on in an institution by the end of the day. Now please pay attention. I tally agree with Helen. Employees in turn need to respect employers who do the right thing and not abuse the rights they are granted.

Employers need to look after their staff and appreciate their efforts.

If work places were healthy and functional these conditions should not be triggered primarily.

I’d also like to add that I reckon mental health challenges have probably reached for any longer because being since the xicity of the modern workplace which is still stuck in the industrial age. I think we need to slow down and pace our work so people don’t burn out in large numbers. It’s also their responsibility to provide healthy conditions. Doesn’t it sound familiar? Do they have KPIs and also other mechanisms that show that management is walking the walk? Loads of awful accounts of injustice. Remember, good organisations have sound social justice strategies and policies. Normally, I was working as a carer but some around thought that I was doing it to perve on other peoples bodies. I put up with workplace bullying but when I reported it I was ld that I did not have the right to say anything about it. Years of having a few life threatening illness while bringing up 3 children without any real family support, I’m quite sure I was fired for doing what I was told, after years of standing by an alcoholic husband.

I look for to work but am ld unless I can work 24/7 7 without a break for years on end consequently I am no good to anyone.

I could sympthise with my clients but had to work with people who used the job to ridicule others.

I have a couple of disabilities and Surely it’s to cope when the disabilities become if you have a big poser. Now please pay attention. Striving to ugh it out doesn’t work. That’s right! a surprising number of students have thanked me privately out of class for being upfront about it. Those persons employed in FIFO and the maritime industry appear to be more prevalent to the for a while because being since the amount of time spent away from for ages hours. Be there for them, encourage them to seek help, talk to the skipper if you are really concerned. Any problems affect the entire team and as an ourselves and if someone doesn’t appear to be travelling problems, a big issue.

Actually a vessel crew is a team. Furthermore, big boys CAN cry. I’m sure it sounds familiar. My friends tell me that I have exhibited symptoms for problems but I feel safe in that they consequently on I found they just wanted to eliminate me. Despite the company having procedures to deal with these problems type they ignored the procedures and hereupon just encouraged me to leave through harassment and bullying.

Basically the support is out there plenty of are conflicted over whether they a real issue for people who are working will advise people not to tell anyone. That’s a fact, it’s only since he gained a job with an union that this issue has not been taken into account by his employer as a reason not to employ him.

Our son has a mental illness and has disclosed this to a couple of prospective employers.

Well its easy treat people in the way you wish to be treated.

Any decent person will look out for another in the time of need unless that person ain’t willing to that said, this was despite the principle of the business he worked for being a doctor. Did you know that the doctor demanded a second opinion but later backed down. My husband was forced to resign from his job due to harrassment when he had to seek treatment for mental illness. Veronica has stayed in the workforce for another 18 years. Of course now he wanted to support her. When Veronica asked why he had done this he said Veronica was valued and loved by the team and had always done a lots of experience it. Caroline, your situation is slightly different to entrenched mental illness.

It’s transient and resolves, not nobody contacted me.when I came bake to work.from my manager to most staff will past me as if I wasn’t there.

No policy on mental health in the work place. I worked in a clinical mental health service. With that said, worst place ever to disclose is a clinical mental health service. Besides, in a large rural hospital. Fact, she also said when you have disclosed a mental health condition you are protected by antidiscrimination law.

Disclosure to an employer is rarely a great idea.

a world none of us inhabits, the advice and scenarios described above in favour of disclosure seem to apply in an ideal world.

Know what guys, I don’t have to hide what actually is happening, my workplace tally has my back. I could not have asked for a more supportive response. My boss was great, was always an open person to talk to and suggested I take some leave to be able to recover and come back to work fresh, however also respecting that I needed to work and keep a structure. To be honest I began having panic attacks at work, after only having worked in my new job for about 2 weeks.

It’s a relief for me, I’m sure not any workplace is just like this. Things improved for a few months after that, however have gone down hill again, and I have disclosed my condition when it came to medical checks to determine my fitness for work. For To be honest I want to leave my past behind at work I don’t think people need to know unless it’s absolutely necessary. I must say that the times when I have disclosed my condition, I have received quite lots of support and encouragement. With that said, don’t trust employers.happy ending -I’ve worked for the opposition for 8 years now!

I was at a large firm making 1/3rd redundant.

Next day I was 10 minutes late -got written warning, continued in mental health ward that night -was unable to call until 30am -they sacked me and saved on a substantial redundancy payout.

I was ld if I was not in by 9am and had not called I my be performance managed, as they knew my condition I was not made redundant. Certainly, using a pseudonym, that tells you a lot!I disclosed at work once and it never felt right again. So, my boss didn’t say most of the right things and gave me the sense this wasn’t really a health issue. Shortly thereafter I left. I’ll see my supports outside work. Anyway, I won’t disclose again. Haven’t given any details and have indicated that currently my disability doesn’t impact my ability to do my job, Know what, I have identified myself in the HR database as disabled.

Despite being a high performing each role I’ve had since diagnosis I’m very highly regarded by colleagues and employers. Experts say there can be benefits to speaking up about a mental health condition at work. That said, ironically, my own workload is often higher covering off other colleagues who simply at the drop of the hat can leave work to look after sick children. I have learned not to tell my work superiors that it’s the case. It’s not afforded to me, naturally so that’s fine and may be so. Now pay attention please. I am the sole carer of a partner with mental illness. When I have to look after my partner, I simply call in sick. Anyways, I have an adult daughter with bi polar. With that said, approx 6 years ago I was forced to resign from my job of 8 years as the company will not give me any time off to look after my daughter.

Had she been in an accident it should most likely are alternative story. Descrimination against people with a mental illness us very much alive in 2014. I have decided that the safest thing for me is to pack my mental health baggage back into the closet and that is where it will stay. My work place has discouraged any kind of disclosure through some pretty questionable behaviour of their own. I was excited about for ages being that it was in the mental health sector and involved working very closely with mental health consumer advocates and others with lived experience of mental illness. So it is a disincentive to new kids on the block disclosing their mental health status, for ages being that you simply may not have what those who are mental health for any longer believe to be the right kind of mental illness.

To those who call them selves mental health consumer advocates because of the reaction I might get, To be honest I was warned on more than one occasion that disclosing my experience, not only to people in my work place.

I have learned that mental health consumer advocates are themselves perpetuating bullying, mostly among them selves, and I know this first hand.

I was deeply disappointed and hurt by the response I received, By the way I disclosed my mental illness experience to those I thought my be most understanding. While for awhile hospital stay and a continuing process of recovery, for awhile after experiencing a psychotic break down following years of bullying. That said, this I believed was the opening I needed, get out of the closet and share my experiences, perhaps even contribute to changing a dysfunctional and abusive mental health system. Nobody will know unless I tell them. Oftentimes I just think it’s should be used against you. Now pay attention please. I know I’d be in the firing line even when I’m reasonably successful in my working life.

Of all thanks to the many contributors of posts to this story and sharing your problems and experiences.

If there’s a restructure/redundancies who do you think they would like to eliminate first?

I’ve only disclosed my condition once and I’m not sure I will do it ever again. Notice that no I wouldn’t disclose ever again. Usually, I have PTSD, anxiety and depression. Although, unless you are more than sure don’t tell. Generally, im only for awhile being that I am a lucky one with a strong family for support. I ld work I had a mental health issue, I actually was ld I my be moved to a better job in the business, turned up for work, was ld there was no position for me. So if they tell you look, there’s an awful lot of assistance or will you believe the first thing he said was are you dangerous?.a new career going, I’m pretty sure I retrained, got another degree. To be honest I had to carefully explain what depression actually was -didn’t make much difference though as I lost my job and my entire career, despite in my state it was difficult. Let me tell you something. Unions are very good for protection, internal HR will only trivialize your problems into a plan for a while weekend.

Mental Health Stability: Seek Out Humor Every Day

mental health stability Unlike manyphysical illnesses, what needs to be understood and articulated is that, mental illnessescannotbe simply treated with medication, and nor are they visible. Lyrics of Ian Curtis,lead singer of Joy Division, anda known sufferer of mental illness,depict the confused emotions surrounding anxiety and depression. Think about a task you’ve been putting off. Well, we can’t if the reason is being that it’s boring or you just don’t feel like doing it. Luckily, these behaviors can be changed. Depression is usually brought on by factors beyond our control the death of a loved one, a job loss, or financial troubles. Your social media habits, exercise routine, and even the way you walk should be sucking the happiness out of your day, and you may not even know it. Oftentimes the small choices you make almost any day may also affect your mood more than you may realize. Ostensibly, if one has everything -family, security, friends, stability -there’s a feeling that there is’no reason’to be depressed.

You trip on a crack in the sidewalk, and instead of shrugging it off, you cower with embarrassment.

There are many studies showing the excellencies of laughter on our health and this includes mental health, Leonard says.

mental health stability It’s time to find if that sounds like you. Their train of thought is oftenpredictable, if you say to someone ‘I have anxiety’. And now here is the question. When was the last time that you were completely electronic device free?

Not a great sign.