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Achieving Good Mental Health: Slowly I Overcome This And Fall Back Into The Grind

achieving good mental health I’m almost sure I feel identical way many times and the true is that noone except talks about it and thats make it just worse, Thank you for sharing this post.

That’s a fact, it’s inspiring to see that you have the courage to talk about these problems.

I have gone through some ugh times, virtually I find that nearly any year or two I fall into a mood where my productivity falls and I just look for to stay in bed all day. Fact, it is a fantastic article Tim. Going into the problems that so many people don’t think about but are so common among even the most successful people. Everyone goes through ugh times, and everyone can get themselves out of them. I’m sure it will only make you more popular among your fans, whatever you say, your a superhero to me! Now let me tell you something. Slowly I overcome this and fall back into the grind.

achieving good mental health Brutally honest.

One of a kind things I did was get an assistant and gave them all the work I did not need to do.

I hired a friend that was out of work and paid them almost any week. I needed to do but kept putting them off. It was actually fun seeing how much got done with out me having to do it all. It’s ok to be human. You’ve set your bar ridiculously high it must be loads of pressure. The question is. Maybe it’s time for another walkabout?

achieving good mental health Thanks for sharing Tim.

I went to an embassy event in DC this weekend and right after the night half of the people left via Uber.

Everybody we’ve got talking about it. It seemed to work well the first time. I have read your articles for years and 4HWW came across my plate just as I was heading on a walkabout. Therefore this just popped up on my Facebook and you have hit the nail on the head! On p of that, it definitely provided me with some comfort and direction. Landed me to this beautiful spot where I actually read this blog post word for word.

achieving good mental health Found your book in a bookstore one day and decided to look you up on the interweb. Powerful stuff and grateful for the advice. I have been a fan/follower of your work since 2007, when, inspired by your book, I started a non profit that advocates for mental health equality by providing education, resources and support. It’s been worth nearly any bit of it. It’s nice to know I’m not alone. A well-known fact that is. In 2008 I left my $ 100k/year job to run the org and become a solopreneur. Certainly, it’s been a rough 5 ups years and downs since I started down this path. Thanks for sharing. Basically, I struggle daily with exactly the things you discuss here. I hear you on consistency being the No. I was fighting it for the last 4 years, despite having become a fairly advanced meditator overall. I’m almost sure I review Steven Pressfield’s The War of Art for time to time and it almost magically kicks my ass back into motion, as for motivational content.

achieving good mental health For quite a while your posts was feeling kind of…unbelievable.

What you did here was equally unbelievable.

Little That’s a fact, it’s VERY helpful to know that once I do reach my financial goals that I’ll still struggle at certain times and life won’t necessarily be perfect. It’s a great reminder that at this point instead of postponing my happiness until I make $ X/year. Consequently I know I can therefore this may be more important yet. Needless to say, you flat out admit to having identical unproductive habits I have! I don’t necessarily need to be someone different to make a difference. Your post here may well be top-notch productivity or even motivational post I’ve ever read. Seriously. That’s powerful. That’s interesting. Hell, I’m 40lbs lighter than I used to be for a reason of the Slow Carb Diet, As an avid follower since the first week 4HWW was released, I’ve learned a bunch of ‘life changing’ concepts from you.

I as well deal with the ‘manic depressive’ cycle as both an artist by night and entrepreneur by day.

While something new, the other places were a distraction.

After peeling back the layers this uneasiness, isolation and lack of fulfillment followed me wherever I will go, I felt a great deal of excitement traveling and experiencing new things. Certainly, I have been striving to establish something to be able to finance the life I truly seek for to live. Oftentimes being in my early 20’s and building a flawless business with my partners, most should assume I my be happy and ‘on top’ of the world being so successful at my age. I’ve considering dropping everything the last month and starting fresh somewhere very far away much like yourself. Usually, it wasn’t the career or the city it was me. As a result, listening to Bowie’s Lodger on loop, Know what guys, I traveled to many places recently thinking perhaps I will find the glimpses of fulfillment elsewhere. Sharing the unrefined side of yourself just like this I imagine is both freeing and terrifying.

I greatly respect that courage, and from that I don’t look for the noise to hold me back in my own passions any longer. Inspire the world, and yourself. Being significantly impacted by the 4HWW, I’m quite sure I often feel that superhumans like you have it all figured out. I appreciate you telling the other side of the story, look, there’s a great TED on why we need sleep. Thank you for not making me feel bad that taking a snooze is a waste of time. Consequently, yes for sure it’s needed. I’m 44 now and was one of those sleep is a waste of time guys for a long time.

I like that idea.

When I felt miserable and wasn’t accomplishing anything, I’ve realized how close I was to my ideal before, It’s actually coming along okay.

Whenever deciding to go overboard and try a superhuman productivity effort for the next two weeks, I had the opposite reaction. I really resonate with what you say about email first thing in the morning being a mind killer! Notice, its been a big realisation for me to change habits from checking my phone first thing in the morning for up to 30 min a day, to focusing one the one most important thing for the day. I struggle with depression and procrastination as well. Yes, that’s right! Like my difficulties consistently performing at a high level have held me back from really achieving the big goals I have, lots of the time I feel like despite the fact that I have had a fair quantity of success during my existence. Certainly, tim thank you for writing this. Now look. I recently turned 26 and I challenged myself to think of the three most important ‘lifelessons’ that ok me approximately 26 years to learn.

Knowledge is cumulative.

Take time to identify your strengths and intentionally develop them.

Become a ‘lifelong’ learner, and as a word of caution. Generally, coffee triggers stress. Caffeine withdrawal is a bitch. I hear you on the caffeine. Oftentimes gradual taper off is top-notch. I switched to dark green tea and yerbe matte and doing much better. I love coffee but it was making me crazy. Do not do it cold turkey like I did. I was doing the 8 10″ cups a day. Oftentimes courageous and valuable. After reading quite a bit of the post and it’s clear that you’ve got something here.

Great post and actually very powerful! I worried at first that you might suffer morrow from Jerry Maguire postepiphany syndrome. Any man who can get in uch with his emotions when inspired by a truly great feature film is MORE of a man…not less!!! Usually, any guy who insists he’s never done this shouldn’t be trusted. You should take it into account. Ironically, it’s the first thought I had about this post should also say that Tim’s footnote could apply to this item even moreso. Make sure you leave suggestions about it. It’s all about getting over the mental inertia! Setting very simple goals helps me to get things started and after that I tend to just go and finish the entire thing.

So this post is alarmingly scary.

Thanks for sharing.

I can not believe how similar your experience is to mine lol It’s startling. It’s a well I know exactly what to do and have helped many people launch successful businesses now. With all that said… Everything except for crying while watching Rudy is what I experience as a Entrepreneur as well. Usually, as a self directed entrepreneur I find procrastination is eroding away my life lol My biggest SINGLE challenge is taking action. I read your book 4 hour work week SEVERAL times. It’s gotten quite ridiculous lately. I am the underdog making an attempt to change the system. When feeling undermotivated and overwhelmed I tend to take a cue from Steve Jobs and visualize what I’m doing with a David vs Goliath mentality.

It gives me the energy and renewed anticipation of purpose to push.

In the morning, or when I start procrastinating/spiraling, I’ll spend 30 minutes at the whiteboard -usually to map out a flowchart for what I’m working on.

Recently I made a big whiteboard for my workspace. It helps in a bunch of ways. I can relate to your tip to sit down with a pen and paper. Usually, thanks for the post! That usually gives me the push should do, sometimes I reckon to myself what should Tim Ferriss do?. Plenty of information can be found on the internet. It’s nice to know that even Tim Ferriss find it hard being Tim Ferriss sometimes. For instance, thank you for doing this post, it’s exactly what I needed to read. Now look, the mental loop always occurs, There’s so many things creatively and professionally I need to work and share with the world.

I feel you on the overwhelming selfconscious struggle of truly sharing the core of your character and feel with the world all in all.

Like it’s a misdirection, you know you have the raw potential and talent, a great foundation to craft everything from -it just never truly feels like the energy is there that brought identical life to the work you enjoyed a lot.

Not good enough to truly reach the level you aspire for. Thank you Tim. Eventually, a feeling of insincerity or lacking direction in comparison to the work of those that inspire you. Then, he still performs open heart surgery once a week, hereafter films the next day. Consider doing what dr oz does. Needless to say, he says it keeps him centered, and seeing people in their last moments of life motivates him to live life to the fullest. So, there’s a long process that comes before mastery in your field.

Listening to that really helped me get over the anxiety that I’m intending to lower it since it makes me almost any time I meet someone successful personally, be it you through Donors Choose or Mark Pincus at work, I’m amazed at how everyone is just human, everyone makes mistakes, everyone wishes they could do better.

Thanks for the inspiration, it helps me to push forward.

It’s just a matter of doing top-notch you can and appreciating your favorite accomplishments. Thanks for sharing. Big fan of all these folks -and now TF?! Of course heard as well as Paul McCartney and Howard Stern -Stern’s been practicing for 30 years, seinfeld discuss TM after he saw how it improved his mother’s wellbeing. With that said, stefan -That’s easy. You can try TinyHabits for how to start the new habit and anchor it to an existing habit. I rifle off as many things that I appreciate in my whole life until my mind picks up on the momentum my words are carrying and gets back on track. My lows, while still present, are not nearly as extreme due to these thingsat least not yet! Actually, regardless of if I am down, By the way I spend every day listing off what I’m grateful for, and after 21 days, you’ve begun to train your brain to focus on opportunity and not despair, that helps me tackle my problems a lot easier.

In a similar vein, your book / article recommendations been very useful, what are your.

Waking up early in the morning has boosted my productivity a lot.

So ultimately realized that I get a lot more done if I stick to 2 3 really important tasks, By the way I always had to many things on my to do list. Now this post definitely came at the right time, thanks a lot for sharing. There’s some more info about it on this website. Just to feel like you are being honest with me, Know what, I mean, it’s not that I like to know you’re in pain. To be honest I have to say, I’ve missed THIS version of Tim Ferriss. Nonetheless, I think this should be the most profound thing I’ve ever read from you apart from your introductory timeline in the 4HWW -just as long as these are my two the man glimpses under the myth.

God, now I sound like a tal asshole.

It always seemed like you set a standard that a chump like me could never achieve, you are this kind of an inspiration to me.

That said, this may be your best post ever, and that is saying a lot! Thanks for sharing! On p of this, this really helps!! Tim, thanks for being unapologetically open about your tendency to procrastinate. Essentially, its a healthy dose of reality for people to know look, there’s a human side to you that so many can relate to. Although, I forced myself to do not return to the box the task for the day I already got. With this system I’m obligated to do that thing and don’t postpone the ones that I just doesn’t feel in the mood to do them. Known I recall what iconic writer Kurt Vonnegut said about his process, when I’m in the pit of despair.

Even definitely the best feel this way sometimes.

When despite your best efforts you feel like you’re losing at the game of life.

Know what guys, I feel like an armless, legless man with a crayon in his mouth, when I write. It was distilled from more than 10000 notes pages, and everything was vetted and tested in my own life in some fashion. That said, the tips and tricks in Tools of Titans changed my life, and I hope similar for you. Seriously. Foreword from Arnold Schwarzenegger! Please take a glance at Tools of Titans, my new book, that shares the tactics, routines, and habits of billionaires, icons, and ‘world class’ performers. I actually find long meals with good friends and forcing positivity to be p cures, when you hit that place. Now please pay attention. Life is spectacular, sometimes you’re flying high, other times you find yourself in the pit of loneliness, unhappiness, and extreme self doubt. Now please pay attention. Your guidance has helped me go from manic workaholic to a perfect and happy leader.

Glad to hear superhumans like you experience identical normal feelings we do.

You know what’s funny, Tim, I always attributed the rollercoaster of emotion/productivity to drug imbalances.

Thanks for the inspiration! I know I’ll be in front of everyday. I use a rule of 3 method for every week. It has to be a physical post it, handwritten and all otherwise it’ll be on a backburner. Thanks for posting this Tim. On p of that, lately, I have been procrastinating EVERY SINGLE THING POSSIBLE. Thanks for deciding to post it. Anyway, my ‘todo’ list is all about 1000 items long, and just thinking about it all stops me from doing even the simplest things. I think of 1 thing I have to do, and think of the other 999, and it just turns into this infinite feedback look of thinking about all the crap I have to do, until I’m rendered a helpless, hapless, depressed mess who opts for a nap instead of just doing something.

Exactly what one issue at a time, for extended periods of time -up to two or three days or a week. Seriously. My advice is to, when feeling overwhelmed or anxious/funky, take a step back from everything and find a brand new approach. Remember, by working on something for few minutes therefore moving on to something else I wasn’t able to see any real progress on anything. A well-known fact that is. Whenever making an attempt to force my mind into submission to try and mold it into what I thought it needed to be in order for me to be successful, so this has caused me all kinds of stress. Having a lot space in between those things and myself, I was able to see why I was having trouble. Now pay attention please. On Thursday I completely checked out mentally and forgot about all the projects and school homework that needed to be.

Thanks for sharing this.

While doing best in order to finish my first ebook, attend school ‘fulltime’, and have an internship in LA for an internet ‘startup’ and I make an appearance once a week, I live in San Diego, As it stands, By the way I currently am working on creating passive income.

Did you know that the projects themselves were moving at a much slower pace because of how little I did for any one any day, To be honest I was moving so fast mentally and physically making an attempt to get everything done. It’s somewhat of a relief to hear that someone else/other people attend to identical kind of funk I’m striving to dig out of lately. Thanks for letting me share. Including school work, I was working on all them practically at quite similar time, in tiny increments of time, with so many different projects. Not until about 3 days ago have I found an answer. So, this helps me realize that I am making real progress on the one of the concerns I decide to work on as long as my entire focus is on that one of the issues allowing me to concentrate deeply on it making the effort more admirable. In other words I ok a step back and basically forgot about everything I’m working on.

There’s what I have found to be the most helpful and in addition pretty obvious solution.

Was still in a funk nonetheless and found this actually very helpful. Tim.

For about 2 months I just had this unshakable feeling of stress and anxiety and didnt know why. I almost immediately knew what was causing the stress and anxiety the moment I checked out and came back rejuvenated. On p of that, whenever making an attempt to make the most productive habits, and really attempting to create a mind for success when I wasn’t born with one or raised to believe I had one, for so long I was caught up in this routine where I thought I was doing everything right. Needless to say, thanks for posting this. Just think for a moment. Been terribly overwhelmed these past two weeks now this article comes at an ideal time, as someone in their younger 20’s who is struggling with procrastination and finding it next to impossible to focus.

Idea of focusing on 1 uncomfortable thing to get done is a gem.

Feel the Fear and Do It by Susan Jeffers Ph.

It has a really big impact on me and since I read it half a year or so ago I have thought about it almost any day. There’s a book that has helped me get a great deal more done than really anything else. It’s a weird place to be. It only highlights how silly everything is, I’ve literally hit and surpassed all my goals. I’m smarter, stronger, and better supported than ever before. Only for a bit and after that they fade into meaninglessness -or rather really similar problem that sits beneath any kind of achievement or success, Know what, I mean, those things feel good. Yes, that’s right! The fact is, who gives a shit? Like.what’s the point?

I’m pretty sure I have no answers -which is why your post was so fantastic and hit me so hard.

The scariest thought is if I go deeper?

Talk about hitting snooze and not getting out of bed. Like taking up selfsacrificial love and spending my days with the poor, I mean, I’m literally looking at doing crazy shit. I’d prefer a more scalable way of helping people than handing out pamphlets and shit, not that I’m saying that’s a bad thing to do. I was pondering for what seems an eternity and I’m still not THAT rock bottom. 80/20 of so it’s mentally training a response ahead of time, and its backed by the latest science on this.

I’ve found that recalling the experience of when I am about to check my phone, and later retraining my response to that trigger works really well. It just takes 5 min to do ahead of time. I had to prioritise changing the habit of checking my phone first thing in the morning for up to 30 min a day, to not checking it before I start work, instead focusing on the one most important thing for the day. Therefore, I really resonate with what you say about email first thing in the morning being a mind killer! Your brain at positive performs significantly better than it does at negative, neutral, or stressed. From the video. You’re 37percent better at sales. Your intelligence rises, your creativity rises, your energy levels rise. Did you hear about something like that before? Your brain at positive is 31 more productive than your brain at negative, neutral or stressed. As a matter of fact what we’ve found is that each single business outcome improves. Usually, I’ve never posted up on this blog before, though been an avid reader.

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achieving good mental health

Achieving Good Mental Health – I Know From Reading That Many Assessments Are Bad

achieving good mental health Known as temporary health certificate, short term plans protect you and your family from unexpected medical costs while you are waiting for other coverage to start.

Seniors can supplement Original Medicare with additional coverage to there’re outofpocket costs even with Medicare. Learn more about insurance for individuals and families also called comprehensive or major medical coverage. Doesn’t it sound familiar? From basic care to comprehensive coverage, dental insurance plans cover a portion of your dental costs for you and your family. I was scared and confused and didn’t know who to turn to. Nonetheless, I am glad that I am all taken care of and don’t need to worry about losing my doctor. Beverly, Bless your heart for helping me during this transition. After coming to speak with you I felt at ease. For ages being that I don’t have plenty of medical reports and suchlike It helped paint a bad picture of me in their minds. What actually was obvious is that she wrote whatever she wanted and after that by ticking the extra support box has covered herself.

achieving good mental health Perhaps she ok offence when she said she was testing my memory, and asked me to subtract 25 from 100 and I responded with an embarrassed grin that I had a degree in economics before answering.

I have physical and mental health problems but the mental health problems I should say are more severe, certainly in regards to how they affect me day to day, and I’ve had them for without improvement.

Do you know an answer to a following question. Did you claim mainly for mental health reasons?

achieving good mental health I did get an award but all the points were for physical problems.

I realise I’m lucky compared to many people who get some I’m for any longer being that the assessment ain’t accurate and has made me out to be a liar.

I got nothing for the problems caused by mental illness. Normally, are DWP Staff just generally highly unintelligent or vindictive? You should take it into account. Am I correct in saying that not only am I fine but that I can’t reapply for 4 years? Anyways, I know from reading that many assessments are bad. It’s also ugh to understand why I am receiving this obviously extra special treatment. So, I can 100 see why people might feel the need to lie or exaggerate things given that from my experience it is likely to be a process of who can be the most dishonest. Besides, I am assuming you have not heard of a MR being done twice also.

After the report she ticks all the boxes saying no impairments.

Right after the report. She recommends a review of my 0 points in 4 years. My real question is that with all the inaccurate reporting from the nurse she awarded me 0 points for everything. It was definitely A good idea to get will need to wait for tribunal to receive an award and her support letter was effectively directed to them.

You know the funny thing?

The couple of months later it dominated my mind and was horrible.

I thankfully eventually I stopped thinking Bout it. Normally, I threw the report away. I was reckon that they had already made up their mind. I the sad thing is, By the way I t was obvious that the Info the assessor was pushing out of me was all negative and biased but I was powerless. This is the case. By the way, a better test would’ve been to ask us to add up 2 or 3 amounts, say 49 + 10 + 64p and after that ask us what change we should get from No problem normally but I would probably struggle with that when stressed in an assessment.

I think the way they assess mental illness is very flawed.

I was very anxious during mine but I wasn’t trembling or sweating excessively which she ok as not being anxious.

They do a basic MSE throughout the assessment and if they decide that you’re not anxious they decide that you’re never anxious. Normally, I did start crying at one point but she didn’t recognised that was a reaction to the anxiety I was feeling at the time. She has put in her reasoning a few times that the MSE didn’t show. Furthermore, for awhile being that she’d already decided I wasn’t anxious.

I put on my form, what I said in my assessment and my doctors letter have all been ignored by her and by the Case Manager in favour of her MSE. Whatever the outcome, I feel happy that I am incapable of that, and the thing is, I always said to myself that I will only need an award from the tribunal as I know they are educated and professionals. I’ve had 2 PIP assessments in just the main reason everyone thinks that many assessments for a while being that we very rarely hear of the good ones. Very understanding AP, truthful assessment report and both awards reflected exactly what the AP said and for the exact length of time. Lots of info can be found easily on the internet. Well best of luck to you and hope you get the result you seek for. Fact, mR, and I can’t appeal until it’s done, that was 5 weeks ago.

There is the great part. Received the MR. Conforming to her report I said at ‘interview’ and that I could do everything that I said I couldn’t do on the initial form. I therefore got it requires, that said, this isn’t really a bad thing. Eventually, letters/dairy from someone that knows you well, list of current medication, whether it be consultant for a while, I have no info. I do know that they’re a lot fairer at these tribunals but it’s always better to attend the hearing. I ld her no I won’t and that I will get some help.

Achieving Good Mental Health – Healthy Habits Are Happy Habits

achieving good mental health Your body knows best, and if you learn to tune into its messages, you’ll know how to better care for yourself. It can be time to take a break, if you have a nagging pain in your shoulder or a pulled hamstring. See myarticle on healthy goal setting! Write down exactly what you’ll do this week to follow through on your commitment to healthy living. Now overcome these common obstacles by setting I’d say in case the gym doesn’t sound appealing. Take a glance at these new, old and fad fitness routines. Loads of people make the mistake of thinking weekends are a time to sit on their tushie on the couch. Even a fun trip to the park or beach with the family can be a stress free way to fit in I feel prayer and meditation reach the huge issue from an entirely different angle than tapping.

For me, better results come from using as many mediums as possible including tapping, prayer, meditation, tai chi and exercise. I will add though, that while loads of us are aware that there is this type of a thing as me focus in an unhealthy way, that in a truly healthy and even very important way, to nurture one’s own spirt and fill it with good things, and take care of to better be able to be there for others, the physical stuff like nutrition and exercise is easy. I met my husband who helped me find my voice. Positivity is important and at 41 years old, it is hard won for me. Sometimes it’s very a problem to find the positive but as a family, we make it a rule to not leave the dinner table without sharing the positives. That said, and it always does, we work gether to find positive things to focus on, when something bad happens. That bad stuff melts away, after a while. I had would not let me hide.

PS I believe part of the key is to not expect now this way light and dark alike are not denied, yet love can rule the heart. What I did find was many people had difficulty remembering to use it and when they did they couldn’t remember the tapping points and had trouble phrasing their emotions. We have produced what we consider a step on from EFT called ‘Unravelling the Labyrinth’, that is receiving very favourable feedback, both at the simplicity of use and the effectiveness. I’ve been using EFT both personally and as a practitioner for Undoubtedly it’s an amazing tool. NVIC’s mission is to prevent vaccine injuries and deaths through public education and to defend the human right to exercise informed consent to medical risk taking, that includes access to flexible medical, religious and conscientious belief vaccine exemptions.

achieving good mental health You can find this ol at Thankfully we have experienced organizations like NVIC providing accurate information about vaccine problems and working to secure informed consent protections in public health laws.

It helped me turn my life around.

I would highly recommend it. Notice, we live in a culture of I, me, my shifting concerns outside of self could alter our society in a very positive way. Doing good and kind things for others can be among the most positive things an individual can do for their own emotional well being. Actually, I would consider this an article about optimism and wellness, not avoiding a mental breakdown. Since the title is poorly named for its content, pS I believe very few people posted comments to this article. Yes, that’s right! While ridding candida w oregano oil, vitamin C/baking soda, niacin.try detoxing your system.

achieving good mental health One day you look down at your sneakers and realize the power of the present.that you are alive and your consciousness depends on your perception.and that That’s a fact, it’s just as easy to choose happiness. Depresses and you look for to regain control of your life, if your mind disputes your wishes. Where there’s a giver, there must be a receiver. Unless we also take care of and fulfill ourselves, we can’t give to others. There is some more information about it on this website. That’s just plain wrong, even backward. Now let me ask you something. Where did our society ever come up with the idea, that self nurture is selfish? Dr.

She paints and wrote her biografhy, She been living in a hospital for around 30 years.

I remembered this woman’s story.

m is a very singular man, look, that’s for sure! Even knowing everything he knows, he keeps his hope in the future. I was thinking how my 81 years mother could apply these lessons. You should take it into account. Please consider donating to NVIC to that said, this charitable educational organization had been working since 1982 to prevent vaccine injuries and deaths through public education and to provide information and counseling to those reporting adverse responses to vaccination.

Achieving Good Mental Health: Counselling Enquiries

achieving good mental health Whenever making it difficult to work, study, sleep and eat, it interferes with your life. Depression is an ordinary but serious illness that leaves you feeling despondent and helpless, completely detached from the world. Or if they begin to manifest in obsessive behavior or an overwhelming feeling of fear, Surely it’s time to seek So in case the anxious feelings persist. The most important things to remember about anxiety disorders is that brief and occasional flashes of anxious feelings or behavior do not automatically indicate a mental illness. Mental illness can be debilitating and have a very significant impact on the lives of not only sufferers but their loved ones and family.

Aiming for good mental health is therefore as important as making an attempt to achieve good physical health.

Therefore the ability to function properly in the apartments, in work or in education can be compromised creating a difficult cycle of further problems from financial worries, low selfesteem and identical physical illnesses associated with anxiety, depression and more serious psychoses.

achieving good mental health Nearly 60 of calls to our Relationship Helpline services are from individuals experiencing mental health problems. As part of Mental Health Awareness Week 2016 we look at why achieving good mental health is so important and 5 tips to improving your mental health. Throughout life’s ups and downs our mental health gonna be challenged and as the statistics indicate, the majority of us will face it at some stage in our lives. Mental health is an ongoing process and challenge for all of us. Nevertheless, the statistics also prove you are not alone and organisations like The Spark Counselling are available to support you at nearly any step from prevention to recovery. We also provide a free Relationship Helpline for immediate support via freephone 0808 802 2088 and online chat by clicking on the link in the p left corner of this page. It is open Monday, Wednesday and Thursday 10am -2pm. Such activities also offer further opportunity to reach out and connect with people and provide a feeling of purpose and pride in yourself.

So there’re few things more satisfying than the anticipation of personal achievement that comes from learning a really new skill or hobby.

So it’s about what interests you, if again it’s not about the activity type or the size of the achievement.

achieving good mental health Sign up for a beginners art class, or learn some new recipes on a cookery course, Therefore if you enjoy drawing. Notice, further information on learning for good mental health.

On p of that, whenever being positive wards ourselves instead of being overly critical and accepting the positive feedback of friends and family, positive selfesteem comes from a combination of factors like recognising our own talents/strengths. Self esteem is the opinion we have of ourselves -our self image. Ok, and now one of the most important parts. Actually a healthy feeling of self esteem contributes to good mental health as we will feel good about ourselves, our prospects and the world mostly.

Further information on boosting selfesteem.

We can be supported and support others if we maintain our connections and relationships with friends, family, neighbours and colleagues.

Spend time developing these kinds of relationships types. It is interacting with and connecting to other people provides companionship, opportunities to share and learn, and opportunities to share positive experiences. By our very nature, human beings are social animals. Further information on personal connections for good mental health. Talk to us about counselling options free on 0808 802 0050 or email appointments@thespark, So if mental illness or concerns about mental health are impacting on your relationships. Spark Counselling provides individual counselling, couples counselling, marriage counselling and family counselling across Scotland. Further information on mindfulness for good mental health. This is the case. Taking time to consider thoughts, feelings, your body and the world around you instead of getting caught up in the mental chatter of modern life. Mindfulness, in simple terms, is all about being more aware of the present moment. While meeting to meeting, quiet life -going from appointment to appointment. Nonetheless, mindfulness encourages us to stop and step back from this to observe the thoughts that often carry us away and the physical feelings we take for granted.