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Legislation For Mental Health: He Introduced His Bill Following Year

legislation for mental health It’s worth noting that some particular healthful were usually, sugars and like agave nectar even higher in fructose than table sugar. On p of outsourcing to Besides, the bill sets up a $ five million grant program to provide assertive community treatment, most successful strategies for helping people with confident mental illnesses, like schizophrenia. Assertive community treatment provides a team of professionals who are on call on 24 hours a day, like the earlier intervention program. Essentially, bill expands a grant program for assisted outpatient treatment, that provides courtordered care for people with self-assured mental illness who may otherwise not seek care.

legislation for mental health Therefore if you’d like to clarify more about who we were always. Please comprise the original author and Kaiser Health News in byline, Therefore if manageable. You may use our logo when linking to or posting materials on your website. I’d say if a story is probably labeled KHN can not grant permission to republish that item. It’s essential to note, not everything on is usually our original content or attainable for republishing. Tim Murphy, RPa, a psychologist who treats patients with PTSD and traumatic brain injuries at Walter Reed civil army medic Center in Bethesda. By the way, the bill strengthens laws mandating parity for mental and natural health care. That’s interesting. It as well pushes states to provide earlier intervention for psychosis, a treatment program that had been hailed as the most promising mental health developments in decades. Basically the legislation aims to make mental health an international priority and coordinate how mental health care was always delivered, said Rep.

legislation for mental health Whenever pushing ministerial agencies to fund entirely programs that are probably backed by solid research and to collect data on whether patients have been practically helped, the mental health bill’s author, said it places a strong emphasis on science.

An earlier bill version would have changed a ministerial privacy law to allow under specific circumstances, to and doctors share mentally ill patients’ medicinal information with their family caregivers.

Whenever refusing to share even general information, like appointment times, for fear of violating the Health Information Portability and Accountability Act, or HIPAA, doctors day very often shut families out of their liked one’s care, murphy said overlook was needed. Basically, while refusing to even listen to patients families who were usually quite a few health professionals misunderstand the law.

I’m sure that the 21st Century Cures Act, that provides funding for biomedical research and aims to accelerate drug development, was approved by a vote of 392 Republican leaders added quite a lot of other healthrelated items to the act, including a mental text health bill that was approved by House last summer but which in no circumstances got a vote in Senate. Efforts to strengthen country’s tattered mental health system, and ain’t assured, nonetheless the health care package has strong support. Then once more, elizabeth Warren, ‘D Mass’, has said bill favors pharmaceutical industry at patient expense safety. Sen. Besides, heritage Action for, a conservative group and even America opposes bill being that it should increase ministerial spending. On p of educate health care providers about what the law really says, the modern bill actually instructs Health Secretary and Human maintenance to clarify when doctors will share patients’ medic information with family caregivers. Then once more, murphy began researching how to stabilize mental health system after the Newtown shootings in 2012, that raised awareness about untreated problem mental illness. He introduced his bill the following year.

That horror is usually etched on our collective memories, Murphy said Tuesday at a House meeting Rules Committee.

Bill recognizes that we have a cr in way we treat self-assured mental illness and we’re intending to do something about it, said John Snook, executive Treatment director Advocacy Center, that advocates on behalf of people with assured mental illness.

It will take all better ideas in criminal justice and mental health and makes sure the governmental government is always supporting them. Notice, murphy acknowledged that some key provisions in his original bill were removed with intention to garner broader support. However, mental health provisions are in the works for nearly 3 years. We needed everything we got, he said, we didn’t get everything we needed.

Then the bill as well aims to better coordinate mental health care. These agencies rarely coordinate their efforts to ensure patients get 7 ministerial agencies day fund 112 programs that provide mental health care. I know that the fact that a program had been authorized usually was no guarantee that it going to be funded, Honberg said. You see, a future Congress should have to approve funding for the programs, albeit bill authorizes these grants. It’s a required first step. Communities could use community policing grants to train law enforcement officers to deal with patients in a psychiatric midst cr. John Cornyn, RTexas, give communities more flexibility in how they use governmental grants. But not jail time, another provision would require the Attorney fundamental to create at least one drug and mental health court pilot program, that aim assisting people with mental illness or drug addiction get treatment, after committing minor offenses.

Legislation For Mental Health: Where Does Nami Stand On A Certain Amount The Components Of These Legislative Bills

legislation for mental health Diagnostic criteria for PTSD which was appended for the ‘DSM 5’ to recognize that not only experiencing something traumatic oneself but also witness a ‘lifethreatening’ trauma to another could lead to symptoms of the disorder acknowledges this to some degree. There’s unprecedented agreement in the House and Senate on the need for mental health reform.

All the bills have positive provisions that will therefore this has resulted in the introduction of a few bills, every of which NAMI supports. Helping Families in Mental Health Cr Act” in 2014, NAMI worked next to impossible to remove a few provisions from the section pertaining to the protection and advocacy program for individuals with mental illness that we felt would have been ‘counterproductive’, specifically the prohibition on engaging in class action lawsuits and the proposed significant decrease in federal funding for PAIMI, When Congressman Murphy first introduced the &ldquo. You see, increases reporting on mental health parity, to move ward holding health plans accountable for covering mental health and substance use conditions fairly.

The Mental Health Reform Act of 2016 hinted that the Senate will probably take up mental health reform in September and we need to ensure that happens through our advocacy.

legislation for mental health NAMI wrote a letter in support of the Senate P Committee’s effort to bring forward bipartisan mental health reform legislation on March 15. NAMI wrote a letter in supportof the Helping Families in Mental Health Cr Act of 2015 to Representatives Murphy and Johnson and haswritten a blogon June 17, 2015 about the importance of 2646. NAMI believes that a proper balance must be achieved between protecting the privacy of sensitive health and mental health information while affording caregivers access to information necessary to serve in that role and this gonna be reflected in the implementation of the implementation of HIPPA.s and that consumers and family members will be involved in the training of PAIMI advocates and attorneys, We also consider that family concerns could be incorporated into prioritysetting by PAIMI&rsquo. NAMI believes that protection and advocacy services are critically important for vulnerable individuals with mental illness.

We reckon that So it’s appropriate to establish incentives in federal law to create AOT programs without requiring states to do so and would recommend engagement strategies be part of the AOT process as the first resort. With half of Americans with mental health conditions going without essential services and supports and others getting only minimal care reform of our nation’s mental health system is a priority issue for NAMI. Actually the incentives to implement AOT programs in 2646 should apply only to five states as the other 45 states already authorize AOT in their laws. Remember, rather must be eligible for 2 increases in their federal block grant allocations if they do implement these programs,.

legislation for mental health NAMI supports the availability of AOT as a last resort when other, less restrictive interventions have not proven successful. IMD exclusion,” to allow Medicaid to pay for short term stays of adults ages 2164 in psychiatric hospitals and facilities, NAMI supports modifying a federal law, known as the &ldquo. On a positive note, an amendment was accepted throughout the Health Subcommittee markup to expand this to include advocacy for community services after discharge from institutional settings. NAMI remains concerned about provision that could significantly limit the authority of PAIMI programs to only advocacy against abuse and neglect. We will like to broaden this further to include advocacy for community services for those already in the community who are at risk of institutionalization without needed services.s role in administering federal mental health services, NAMI supports the preservation of SAMHSA&rsquo. We think that the establishment of a Assistant Secretary for Mental Health and Substance Use Disorder services should be helpful in improving coordination and oversight at the federal level.

Legislation For Mental Health – Closing Hospitals Before You Have Adequate Care Systems In Place Is A Prescription For Failure

legislation for mental health They also have abilities to enhance memory and eliminate cloudiness in human brain. Brahmpushpi. Person because of poor brain functions. With all that said… Speech and communication skills also get improved by taking these supplements daily. These herbal supplements improve your memory power and in addition your capacity to remember things. When your brain doesn’t get sufficient nutrition and gets worn out memory starts to get weak, poor functions of brain come into notice as poor memory at first. Person will have a clear thinking capacity by taking them consistently. These supplements give good control on your emotions and enhance coordination of your mind and body. Read about Herbal Memory Supplements Reviews. Know Natural Brain Power Supplements. Read about Memory Booster Supplements. Georgia was given its biggest mental healthcare challenge in history.

legislation for mental health New model will include treatment teams in tofield, government supported housing and employment, wellness centers and peer support programs, where people in process of recovery can offer guidance and encouragement to each other.

Under tosettlement, state must relocate 9000 individuals with mental illness and 750 with developmental disabilities out of hospitals and into communities.

Those community based facilities gonna be linked to a statewide system of comprehensive mental health services a system that’s far from complete. For instance, georgia has particular challenges because of community system that’s poorly developed, says Bazelon Center’s Mathis. Make sure you drop a comment about it in comment section. It’s largest state east of Mississippi River, and it includes rural areas that stretch for hundreds of miles. Actually, mobile units in that area are only now just coming online.

legislation for mental health You have to create it, if you have no functioning community system.

Northwest Georgia Regional served 31 counties in northern part of tostate, for now, six other mental hospitals remain open.

Georgia has much bigger problems literally. Certainly, as pointed out by Tom Wilson, another 164 patients are in topipeline, DBHDD’s director of communications. By building a range of new community services for people with mental illness and focusing on available Medicaid waivers, we were able to find appropriate community placements for nearly the majority of the people who were being served at old Northwest Georgia Regional Hospital, Wilson says. In past year, state has placed 118 people with mental illness in supported housing, gether with giving any of them about $ 2300 for first month’s rent, security deposits and furniture. It’s like a waterbed, says Kevin Ann Huckshorn, state director for Division of Substance Abuse and Mental Health in Delaware’s Department of Health and Human Services, when you start changing a system of care.

legislation for mental health You can’t predict what will happen when you sit on toedge.

Deinstitutionalization push that states are making day could’ve unintended consequences in tofuture.

It’s an interesting fact that the greatest uncertainty is simply that there’s no way to know what system will really look like years down toline. Fraud Investigators and Prosecutors! Read full story. Day we honor heroics of San Bernardino Police Department remember those affected. That’s right! Whenever revealing neverbeforeseen photos and videos and hearing from to, one year after terrorist attack in San Bernardino, California, ABC News Investigative Unit and Nightline are looking back.

Past security gate at Northwest Georgia Regional Hospital in Rome, down a dim hallway littered with plastic bags full of shredded documents, a ringing phone echoes from an empty admissions office.

Closure of tofacility, that officially shut down for good on Sept.

That’s as long as this psychiatric hospital was shuttered. Barbara Massey Reece. Remember, 760member staff is gone, gether with all 180 patients who suffered from mental illness or developmental disabilities. With that said, it was a shock to entire community to learn that it was slated for closure, it was probably most ‘up to date’ mental health hospital in tostate.

Only answers. Georgia state Rep. Georgia didn’t listen. What federal investigators found was that patients in Georgia facilities were dying or committing suicide at alarming rates. This is where it starts getting really interesting, right? Justice Department sued state to force it to improve way it handled patients with mental disabilities. On p of that, over next two years, to Department of Justice looked into conditions of Georgia’s mental hospitals. Some information can be found easily by going online. Keeping them segregated in an institution amounted to discrimination, court said. In a 2007 investigation, The Atlanta ‘Journal Constitution’ found that 130 patients at staterun hospitals had died under questionable circumstances over course of seven years. Which comprises 76 buildings spread could’ve been prevented.

Georgia and federal government announced a settlement last fall, after a year of legal wrangling. In 1999, to Supreme Court ruled that, under Americans with Disabilities Act, all states must move individuals with mental illness out of ailing ‘state run’ institutions and into settings integrated with their communities. While helping set a precedent for how mental health systems can make a perfect transition from an institutionalization approach to one depending on recovery, officials believe tostate, that has traditionally ranked among worst states for mental health care, could become a national model. Of course, by building its system from scratch, Georgia could emerge as an unlikely leader in mental health reform. It’s very clear that many in country are watching us, Shelp says.

There’s very much an expectation that we’re planning to move from back of line to front of toline.

Funded through medical insurance programs like Medicare and Medicaid, so this new ‘community care’ model was intended to address decades of overcrowding, lack of hygiene, and patient neglect and abuse that had characterized worst ‘governmentrun’ asylums.

Push in United States to move patients out of mental institutions dates back to John Kennedy era. They will instead be able to live in neighborhoods, with access to quality mental health services, rather than confining patients to years in cramped psychiatric hospitals. Usually, starting with Kennedy’s support of a federal community mental health center model in 1963, staterun mental hospitals began to fall out of favor.

In recent years, federal government has become more aggressive about enforcing an integration model for mental health care.

This July, Justice Department informed attorney general’s office in North Carolina that parts of its system violated antidiscrimination law.

Nearly 6000 patients had been packed into 288 homes. In accordance with togovernment, facilities had become overcrowded. Although, north Carolina had been subsidizing expenses of mental health patients living in adult care facilities. Seriously. For one issue, Obama administration has provided millions in vouchers to assist Americans with disabilities, and Justice Department is working with state and local government officials, disability rights advocates, and health and human services representatives to enforce integration mandates. This is tocase. Under that settlement agreement, Delaware must move more than 3000 individuals out of tostate’s psychiatric hospital and statefunded private facilities by Similar to agreement in Georgia, Delaware must develop a community based system with supported housing, employment and a cr network that includes mobile teams, cr centers, a statewide hotline and ‘peerrun’ programs.

Just weeks before North Carolina letter, Justice Department reached an agreement with state of Delaware over its mental health system.

Except for a select few that courts say need extraordinary attention, in tofuture, patients will stay there a maximum of 14 days.

Accordingly the state’s one psychiatric hospital won’t close. As is sometimes tocase, they can easily fall through tocracks, Therefore if those patients are turned out into communities where support is scarce and resources are limited. Of course, interpreting and applying that law has led to a continued debate over value of deinstitutionalization. With all that said… Closing hospitals before you have adequate care systems in place is a prescription for failure. Then, a communitybased model is far from a panacea, says Ron Honberg, national director for policy and legal affairs at National Alliance for Mentally Ill. Sure, notion of closing down long period psychiatric wards sounds like an ideal idea. We end up relegating them to just as much misery through homelessness or incarceration institutions in worst anticipation of toword, Honberg says, I’d say in case we eliminate all inpatient options for people most severely ill.

In 1990, President George Bush signed Americans with Disabilities Act, a civil rights law to prohibit discrimination on the basis of disability, including mental illness. Loads of end up sleeping on streets or locked up in jail. Additionally, he says, those displaced patients who need most attention will put an even higher strain on a state’s medical insurance costs. Closing mental hospitals effectively cuts off percentage of people with serious mental illnesses who actually need ‘longterm’ attention and treatment, says William Fisher, a professor of psychiatry at Center for Mental Health Services Research at University of Massachusetts. Then, to in five years, God knows what that program is intending to look like. You should take it into account. What doing is turning people loose on Medicaid system, he says. They have ‘self confidence’ and begin to gain skills back and seem very functional, when you treat people as people and allow them to thrive and be independent.

Legislation For Mental Health – Had Greater Improvement In Their Symptoms Personal Relationships And Quality Of Life

legislation for mental health They assessed the diets across seven categories, including the safety and nutritional completeness categories, for a series of nine different rankings lists. By the way, the bill also aims to better coordinate mental health care. These agencies rarely coordinate their efforts to double check if patients get the eight federal agencies day fund 112 programs that provide mental health care. Efforts to strengthen the country’s tattered mental health system, and that raised awareness about the poser of untreated mental illness. That horror is etched on our collective memories, Murphy said Tuesday at a meeting of the House Rules Committee. Please use, if you’d like to explain more about who we are. Henry Kaiser Family Foundation. With a hyperlink to our site, you must credit us as the original publisher. You may use our logo when linking to or posting materials on your web site. With all that said… Please include the original author and Kaiser Health News in the byline, So if possible. Nonetheless, kaiser Health News. It’s a well if a story is labeled KHN can’t grant permission to republish that item. It’s crucial to note, not everything on is our original content or available for republishing.

legislation for mental health Basically the legislation aims to make mental health a national priority and coordinate how mental health care is delivered, said Rep.

While pushing federal agencies to fund only programs that are backed by solid research and to collect data on whether patients are actually helped, the mental health bill’s author, said it places a strong emphasis on science.

Bill strengthens laws mandating parity for mental and physical health care. It also pushes states to provide early intervention for psychosis, a treatment program that was hailed as amongst the most promising mental health developments in decades. Tim Murphy, R Pa, a psychologist who treats patients with PTSD and traumatic brain injuries at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Bethesda. It’s an interesting fact that the bill recognizes that we have a cr in the way we treat serious mental illness and we’re preparing to do something about it, said John Snook, executive director of the Treatment Advocacy Center, that advocates on behalf of people with serious mental illness.

legislation for mental health It should take all better ideas in criminal justice and mental health and makes sure the federal government is supporting them.

Murphy acknowledged that some key provisions in his original bill were removed to garner broader support.

We needed everything we got, he said, we didn’t get everything we needed. Mental health provisions was in the works for nearly four years. On p of educate health care providers about what the law actually says, the new bill simply instructs the Secretary of Health and Human Services to clarify when doctors can share patients’ medical information with family caregivers. By the way, a future Congress would have to approve funding for the programs, even if the bill authorizes these grants. Remember, it’s a necessary first step. Did you know that the fact that a program had been authorized is no guarantee that it could be funded, Honberg said. Other sections of the bill, depending on legislation introduced by Sen. Rather than jail time, another provision should require the Attorney General to create at least one drug and mental health court pilot program, that aim to bill also expands a grant program for assisted outpatient treatment, that provides courtordered care for people with serious mental illness who might otherwise not seek care. Nevertheless, the bill also sets up a $ 5 million grant program to provide assertive community treatment, among the most successful strategies for helping people with serious mental illnesses, similar to schizophrenia. Then again, assertive community treatment provides a team of professionals who are on call 24 hours a day, like the early intervention program.

Did you know that the 21st Century Cures Act, that provides funding for biomedical research and aims to quicken drug development, was approved by a vote of ‘392Republican’ leaders added a lot of other healthrelated items to the act, including the text of a mental health bill that was approved by the House last summer but which never got a vote in the Senate.

While services to like appointment times, for fear of violating the Health Information Portability and Accountability Act, or HIPAA, doctors day often shut families out of their loved one’s care, murphy said the change was needed.

Legislation For Mental Health – Sadie Ryanne Baker

legislation for mental health Read Nutrition Facts labels carefully the Nutrition Facts panel tells you the quantity of healthy and unhealthy nutrients in a food or beverage.

Limit the percentage of saturated fat, trans fat and sodium you eat.

Now look, the right number of calories to eat every day is on the basis of your age and physical activity level and whether you’re striving to gain, lose or maintain your weight. You probably wouldn’t get the nutrients your body needs to be healthy, you could use your daily allotment of calories on a few high calorie foods and beverages. Arizona State Hospital, Phoenix, AZCenClear, Phillipsburg, PAChestnut Health Systems, Granite City, ILCitizen Advocates, Malone, NYColorado West, Glenwood Springs, Grand Junction, COCommunity Care Services, Lincoln Park, MICommunity Healthcore, Longview, TXCounty of San Diego, Health Human Services Agency, San Diego, CADe Paul Treatment Centers, Portland, ORDePelchin Children’s Center, Houston, TXDN Community Mental Health Centers, New Haven, CTEaster Seals UCP North Carolina Virginia, Raleigh, NCFamily Children’s Place, Louisville, KYGaudenzia, Philadelphia, PAHamilton Center, Terre Haute, INHenry Austin, Trenton, NJHillsides, Pasadena, CALakeview Mental Health, Geneva, NYLinden Oaks at Edward, Naperville, ILMental Health Centers of Denver, Denver, COMidtown CMHC, Indianapolis, INMN Department of Human Services.

legislation for mental health Recovery Resource Center Project. I should have loved if this particular law existed in ways that actually provided the needed supports a person with mental health problems needs. Expanding AOT, the Murphy Bill attacks privacy rights of people diagnosed with mental illness. Then, while giving sensitive information on patients’ diagnoses, medications and medical appointment dates and locations to families, spouses or social workers under the guise of compassionate communication, therefore this would exempt people diagnosed with mental illnesses from federal privacy laws. It’s a well individual differences are the fly in any ointment. What you described was abandonment. She had an ethical obligation to refer you rather than abandon you. That’s not ethical. Now let me ask you something. Certainly on the surface who in their right mind would argue against controlling such mentally ill folks?

legislation for mental health In 1795, Britain’s Astronomer Royal, the Rev. Nevil Maskelyne, sacked his assistant, David Kinnebrook, for always having a halfsecond difference, compared to Maskelyne’s, in timing when a certain star appeared to pass behind a hair in their telescope. I’m sure that the powers that be are slowly getting the public to get behind a law enabling the state to psyche people out of gun ownership. In another words, they look for everyone to go through a psyche evaluation. Real problem of these crazies running around shooting people is the psychiatry and psychology field that is contributing to this problem. I’d say if these known as psychiatry experts had these folks under meds why are they not healthy? For instance, history has shown it going to be abused, as soon as gov’t has such power. For example, the powers that be are slowly getting the public to get behind a law enabling the state to psyche people out of gun ownership -in another words look, there’s a movement to take away citizen’s rights. They seek for everyone to go through a psyche evaluation. As soon as kids are put on this psychiatry conveyor belt they have no hope of getting well aside from being doped up and being poisoned by pills. They are expected to stay on the meds for a few of their lives or else.

legislation for mental health Labeling a child from early on is stigmatization not diagnosis.

I support AOT with the goal of reducing incarceration, homelessness and death for those who are medication ‘noncompliant’, or suffer with anosognosia.

I should and do fight anyone who is abusing or manipulating rules to harm a person. Needless to say, the advocacy center and disability rights lawyers a lot, as a human rights advocate I work with the ACLU. Oftentimes it’s works in my community. I guess psychologists are following the model of privatized prisons that lobby for many new stringent laws so more criminals can be arrested and imprisoned. Anyone at any time can be psyched in our society. On p of this, sadie Ryanne Baker is a crazy Appalachian trans woman and radical mental health activist living in Chicago, where she is a support worker for LGBTQ youth experiencing homelessness. Read more Violence is a great deal more highly correlated with substance abuse and domestic violence than with mental illness, by orders of magnitude. Now look. Taking away the civil rights of the mentally ill provides a convenient scapegoat and an easy out for people wanting to avoid more politically challenging conversations about reducing domestic abuse and substance abuse and keeping firearms out of the hands of those who are known to be violent, regardless of their mental health status.

legislation for mental health Way more, psychological reasons are being used these days to scare, shun and shut up people who institutions don’t seek for others to hear.

They pretend they are and fool the public into thinking that they are being that they are NOT REAL medical professionals. I hope I can rate as a menace to society one day! Let me tell you something. I’m almost sure I love Bruce’s writing, a decent predictor of the future. Virtually they called these programs Action T4 and Action 14fPsychiatrists were convicted by Nuremberg trials for their key roles in facist Germany. What’s also interesting is in the course of the lead up to holocaust, psychiatry and psychology provided the institution, procedure and doctrine used by fascist regime to psyche people out of basic rights, medicalize social problems and eventually systemically euthanise people in mental institutions.

It’s also sometimes viewed as a special gift or skill that requires training with a shaman.

Apparently, the actual CONTENT of the voices is more positive in places that are less hostile or anxious about voice hearing!

We have a lot to learn from such primitive attitudes. She tried what she knew how to try. She certainly didn’t try almost any drug available in every combination being that she’d still be working through the list today. That’s right! Somebody else will a referral almost any drug available in nearly any combination?

I know that the industry admits that they have a 70 percent success rate, You don’t seem to get the fact that bipolar meds don’t in my opinion that’s high. While making it impossible for many to hold jobs, and we’re in an era when we have no lerance for the jobless, the biggest problem is that psychiatric disorders can be tremendously disabling. Without any way back it, it should take a profound toll, when people are dumped on the streets. Degradation, rage, hopelessness, deprivation these things are daunting for those with the healthiest minds. Needless to say, no, residential care doesn’t seem justifiable, Therefore in case someone doesn’t have a condition at the psychotic or quasipsychotic level. Seriously. Exception should benefit from being able to depressurise and catch their breath from time to time.

One legitimate purpose of medication is that it IMPROVE life for the person taking it, or at least slow the decline if improvement was not possible.

It sounds to me like whoever your prescriber was didn’t understand that very basic concept.

Goddess knows that they drummed it into our punkin heads almost any day. Notice that psychology is a scam pseudoscience.just like phrenology of old and lie detectors. Nevertheless, you get people being locked up for things just as, when you start legislating behavior on the basis of arbitrary pseudoscience. Think it’s far fetched? It becomes an excuses for the gov’t to lock people up and paint them as a crazy in the public media.

Why the hell will a referral almost any drug available in nearly any combination? Actually after the CIA’s MKULTRA project using psychoactive drugs on normal people to make them think and do things they normally won’t, we have seen an explosion of psychoactive drugs being prescribed to people with made up mental diseases they make up with almost any edition of DSM. Especially when the mental illness is invented by psychologists and psychiatrists. Labeling someone with mental illness is stigmatization not diagnosis. We are looking at the VERY people pushing this line of lies b/c it’s their bread and butter. Danger there was NYPD could use the EDP as an excuse to use physical force. Certainly, effectively pysch-ing him and determining him to be emotionally disturbed person, When whistle blower Adrian Schoolcraft blew the whistle on NYPD stop and frisk quotas, the nypd psychologist ok away his badge and gun.

Interesting about Islam.

The Globalization of the American Psyche interesting book, by the way Ethan Watters addresses WHO’s finding that unmedicated schizophrenics in Africa have better recovery rates than medicated ones in the US.

He found that the attitude ward psychosis was quite different, that people thought of it as a possession, and as anyone could suffer a possession, there’s much less of a stigma. Generally, in Crazy Like Us. They aren’t expected to act normally or do their jobs. Those in psychosis are left alone till they come out of it. Furthermore, his site, is a very good source of material.

So there’s resistance.

Bruce Levine Between headlines of racist police atrocities, on July 6, 2016, the US House of Representatives quietly passed the Helping Families in Mental Health Cr Act by a vote of ‘422 If’ made law, now this legislation, on p of this called the Murphy Bill, must be the most significant reform affecting mental health care since the Community Mental Health Act of 1963 ushered in the era of deinstitutionalization.

Robert Whitaker’s Anatomy of a Epidemic, that argues against the excellencies of ‘long term’ drugging using the peerreviewed journals own data, is gaining traction. Usually, problem is the basic assumptions being accepted by the masses without question. We know what happened last time our society accepted basic assumptions without question. We entered into a decade of war in the middle east that’s lasting to this day.

Where is this all leading?

Schoolcraft, a NYPD whistleblower, was psyched and removed of his badge and gun.

History has shown that facism always marginalizes minority and uses them as a scape goat. Normal folks were diagnosed as schizophrenics. Ok, and now one of the most important parts. It’s already been done. History has shown fascist governments use that to label anyone a danger to society and disarm a society, if a law had been established to limit a certain group’s rights. Sounds far fetched? Then again, don’t believe me? Look up Rosenhan experiment. Anyway, in was pushing this narrative on the public for years on the basis of ns of ads brainwashing a whole generation. Theories and experts, as soon as again the science illiterate society is hoodwinked by scientific sounding terms.

Nobody really questions it anymore in spite the fact that many of us are aware that there is no scientific blood test for any psychiatric disease. They are swallowing hook line sinker the pseudoscience of psychiatry. It’s an interesting fact that the pattern altered after the meds, and I’ll probably never get back to the old abnormal normal. Furthermore, far,. Normally, I think they really screwed me up, and Therefore in case you need to know more, I’ll entertain you. Have learned pretty much how to mitigate them, I’d never had a manic until a psychiatrist gave me four times the tested dose of Prozac back when I was Since I’ve had some high spikes. The main people who could be living out across the world are those with insight who are compensating well and are willing to take their medication.

Alternatives are few. People who have a disorder at the psychotic level and are not compensating will be in care. Coincidentally, similar psychoactive type drugs are used to drug youths of America for made up mental illnesses invented by these band of sociopaths that call themselves mental health workers. As way more kids are drugged up the way more Manchurian candidate syndrome is visible in all the school shootings. The tal number of individuals in Kendra’s Law is reflective of the tal number of people who receive public treatment and the presence of diversity in a city of New York, where AOT is used most often. Now let me tell you something. What they defined as ‘racism’ was persons of color and Hispanics getting equal access to care.

I have a serious neuroimmune disease called Myalgic Encephalomyelitis.

We need more medical treatment available -yes -but not this way.

Her family has not been able to see her while in the hospital being that they are believed to contribute to her mental illness being that they believe she has a physical illness. Karina Hansen, a young woman in Denmark, was shut away in a mental hospital for 3 1/2 years now -they changed her diagnosis from just somatoform and neurasthenia to pervasive refusal syndrome. Some info can be found on the web. 250000 in the UK, There are over a million adults with it in the US. Absolute power corrupts absolutely, and psychiatry ain’t immune to that temptation, Power corrupts. UNUM and similar insurance companies hired psychiatrists in the UK to say that this was really psychosomatic. They left the facilities in wheelchairs, People went into mental hospitals able to walk, tho unwell. Ones who came in already in wheelchairs left bedridden. Teenagers and young adults in the UK been thrown into mental hospitals against their will and forced to exercise -which biomedical research shows will make them worse, and it has.

Actually I have serious doubts about returning to a world of institutionalization and diagnosis against the patient’s will, while I understand that -on the one hand -there are people with major mental disorders who need help. Young Sophia Mirza died as long as the psychiatrists refused to believe her when she said she couldn’t swallow. You usually experience the entire cycle, or is yours mostly ‘half cyclic’ or some other non canonical pattern, right? I can’t recall that you’ve ever said. How do you cope, Elizabeth, Therefore if not with meds? That said, willingness to take medication is no shield against ongoing disability and deterioration. On p of the Hearing Voices Network, read about Soteria House or the Open Dialog program. Recovery rates are MUCH higher in developing countries who don’t rely on medications as a first line intervention.

There which been known for years but not funded, aRE alternatives available and require a more subtle approach.

While exercising those are good, eating carefully.

OTCs, particularly lithium orotate and St John’s Wort, that only fkd me up. I’m quite sure I should find another psychiatrist, my psychiatrist ld me she’d tried any med in nearly any possible combination and couldn’t if you tried everything? Notice, you must understand that psychiatry in the US is most always about meds. That said, your statement I quoted was most unfortunate note the and. I asked her, Did anyone ever tell you lots of us are aware that there are other things you can do besides medication? You inform me about a woman I helped on a mental health cr line I worked at for a few years.

Well, that’s good.

After a short pause.

THAT is malpractice! Therefore, she said. Only even ld her something else was POSSIBLE to be done! Then, I said, Well, there’re. She was frantic, and ld me of all the different drugs she’d tried for depression and nothing worked and it had been over a year and she was starting to think that she just had to live with feeling awful every now and then and she just wasn’t ready to handle that. Considering the above said. I’m sure that the first time she ld a therapist she was depressed, she was immediately referred to a psychiatrist, who prescribed Prozac. Certainly, my daughter’s father is sending her to a therapist since our divorce.

Given my history and the assumption that bipolar is inherited, To be honest I was flabbergasted.

She was 16 and going through her first unrequited crush.

Malpractice is a term that just doesn’t seem to apply to psychiatry. I talked her out of taking the Prozac. Then the dope industry, otherwise known as the big pharmaceuticals aren’t complaining, as long as drugs are selling. For example, to the unsuspecting public, they are sold on the illusion that these dopes are medicine, after all. Now let me tell you something. Besides, the Murphy Bill contains some positive elements, similar to making it easier for Medicaid to bill for mental health treatment, in order to be sure. Consequently, trainings will never solve the racism and violence inherent in the US criminal legal system, these trainings could possibly so it is not being addressed. Seriously. Perhaps in a few cases that’s even true. We shouldn’t scapegoat all people with psychiatric disabilities or punish people for thought crimes. Then the efficacy of these measures remains to be seen. Law attempts to address the shortage of psychiatric beds, track data on mental health and use ‘telepsychiatry’ for rural populations.

I am sure that the legislation does not decrease the cost of treatment, nor does it will be convenient to think if Sandy Hook shooter Adam Lanza or Isla Vista shooter Elliot Rodger had been forced into treatment, their victims should still be alive. Murphy Bill contains no increase in funding for housing, food stamps or disability benefits services that could improve the health of people with psychiatric disabilities as well as reduce overall violence. Eventually, giving more power to hospitals, courts and families holds would also increase cr intervention training for police.a decent place to start my be disarming or disbanding police, not giving them more resources, if we truly care about preventing violence. For example, in consonance with the US Department of Health and Human Services, all it’s proceeding under the pretense of violence prevention, despite the fact that, only 3 -5percentage of violent acts can be attributed to individuals living with a serious mental illness and people with severe mental illnesses are going to be victims of violent crime than the general population.

Around 20 Americans percent have a mental health diagnosis in a given year.

While perpetuating the false narrative that people with psychiatric disabilities are dangerous, similar to the Murphy Bill, claims to reduce stigma while doing the opposite.

Therefore this number is still well above 5 percent, if we count only severe mental illnesses. What seems odd is that with the advent of modern ”psychiatry and psych meds, you will think there should be less and less of these. It’s the exact opposite. As well as a loosening of federal privacy laws, so it is a victory for right wing organizations like the Heritage Foundation that was calling for the abolition of SAMHSA for years. It is conservatives have criticized SAMHSA forits willingness to collaborate with organizations led by mental health service users and its focus on prevention and coping practices over what they call evidence based practices, that involve strictly medical responses.

I forgot to address this, and will do so now since it is at the heart of the big issue and why I responded with anger at your first post.

Psychiatrists can’t conceive of someone diagnosed Bipolar I NOT being on medications.

People like me are terrified that was the case with me. With that said, up until mid 1900’s mass shootings were not a big issue. Anyway, there were laxgun laws and there were probably as many crazies as there’re now. Now pay attention please. You didn’t have this many shootings and killings. Why? Psychiatry and psychologists make things up as they go along. Just think for a moment. Chemical imbalance is a myth psychiatry is pushing for the last a couple of decades. Fact is psychiatry and psychology is arbitrary and as reliable as fortune tellers.

Since psychiatry is a pseudoscience.

We have had way more crazies killing people.

Their pseudoscience theories don’t work and the public is paying for it. Essentially, virtually it’s as if the psychiatry field is contributing to way more of these problems not solving them. Known these particular experts are not experts in general. Just look at Schoolcraft a whistleblower in NYPD. Loads of information can be found easily online. Even as recent as 2008, the BBC’s Horizon science program entitled How Mad Are You? Anyone at any time can be pscyhed and declared mentally ill. Notice, look at the Rosenhan experiment. On p of this, he was psyched out of his badge and gun. It’s highly unethical to do that. Woman you consulted failed you and betrayed her training and oath as well. As a result, she was obligated to refer you, not only give you a push out the door, Therefore if she believed she couldn’t do anything for you.

Mosher is one of my heroes!

I loved his letter.

Gether with his research. There’s not much support for people who oppose the wholesale moneymaking of large corporations, I know that the Murphy Bill was introduced by Republican Congressman Tim Murphy following the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

Recently way more of society seems to become psychologized. Every new edition of dsm seems to make up way more illnesses. Anyone can be railroaded into a psych ward these days. These clowns with phd next to their names are making things up as they go along under the guise of expert. Basically, despite what counsellors and psychologists say, it’s VERY SUBJECTIVE. It’s a very famous cautionary story, taught in nearly any Psy 101 course. Nevertheless, maskelyne presumed a priori that his own measurement was correct and thus poor Kinnebrook got the chop. Maskelyne had no reason except ego and ignorance to presume his measurement was more accurate than Kinnebrook’ he was the boss, and that made all the difference. AOT as an alternative to jail and homelessness preserves a persons civil rights. You should take it into account. I am fighting oth and nail at this point to prevent our Sheriff from building a 600 -800 bed mental health jail facility.

Here’s my interview with parents and a judge about AOT.https.// The more people are found sick the more business they generate. Not only do they lose their civil rights, they also often lose their human rights, when a person goes to jail. They are working with the CIA since the days of mid 1900’s experimenting with pscyhoactive drugs to make people say, think and do things they normally wouldn’t do in projects like MKULTRA. Did you know that the shrinks had a HUGE part in torture. Psychiatrists and psychologists are psychopathic sociopaths. Lots of us know that there are disagreements even amongst shrinks on what’s deemed pscyhotic. Now regarding the aforementioned fact… Why are there all of a sudden more crazies in the past decades since the 1990’s who go on rampages of shooting? Therefore this raises some more questions. Why not the amount of mass crazy shootings back hereafter in recent decades? Consequently, there were probably just as many folks who were crazy in the time before mid 1900’s hereafter there are in present times and there were more lax gun laws back therefore. Considering the above said. Whenever undermining civil liberties and diverting attention away from institutionalized racism and structural poverty, hailed as a rare bipartisan victory, the Murphy Bill lets politicians falsely claim progress against gun violence while stigmatizing people with mental illness.

It does nothing to increase access to vital resources or address the pandemic of police violence against people with mental illness. How do we stop Human Experimentation and Neuroweapons in Mental Health Care? They are not widely utilized, while 46 states already have AOT laws. One systematic review of studies found no significant difference in service use, social functioning or quality of life compared with standard care. Actually, supporters claim to be remedying the broken system left in the wake of deinstitutionalization the widespread closure of ‘state run’ psychiatric hospitals, that was viewed as progressive in its time but, due to lack of funding for replacement services, in effective moved millions of people with psychiatric disabilities onto the streets and into prisons. There can be no benefit in general, supporters of AOT ut it as an alternative to the more expensive options of hospitalization and incarceration. Today, the three largest psychiatric treatment facilities in the United States are jails, where abuse, squalid conditions and violence are routine. Although, the Murphy Bill’s most troubling provisions is the expansion of Assisted Outpatient Treatment. Now pay attention please. AOT, known as involuntary or mandatory outpatient commitment,consists of court ordered medication, therapy, drug testing and case management. Blackish people in NYC state are five times more going to experience ‘court ordered’ treatment than almost white people.

In the hands of a racist and classist criminal legal system, AOT has become another ol for enacting violence against marginalized communities. People like me are terrified that was the case with me. Similiarly, the psychologists and psychiatrists were the lead instruments of rturein gitmo and have now psyched Chelsea Manning. American Pscyhopharmacological Association is having trouble countering Whitaker’s evidence that longterm drugging creates worse outcomes. Eventually, two people actually are carrying Mosher’s torch. Bruce Levine and Robert Whitaker. Fact, they are swallowing hook line sinker the pseudoscience of psychiatry. On p of that, nobody really questions it anymore even when look, there’s no scientific blood test for any psychiatric disease. Theories and experts, when again the science iliterate society is hoodwinked by scientificsounding terms. Normally, government and mainstream media was pushing this narrative on the public for years on the basis of ns of ads brainwashing a whole generation.

Noone except knows why people react with mania and some don’t possibly those who do get the reaction been experiencing bipolar depression and thus are triggered into mania from the Prozac.

Some, ofcourse, sought it for prestige reasons but others did so as long as they were more or less appalled by the tendency of psychiatrists to depend on drugs.

After doing additional, psychologists in quite a lot of states have, biochemoriented training, gained the right to prescribe. Generally, the more people get diagnosed with mental illness the more people get put on psychoactive drugs, the more crazy killings there may be. On p of this, aOT is an excellent modality with a history that goes back to the 18th at least, well before any psychoactive drugs except for alcohol, pot, opium, and datura. Known the basic idea is that the community looks after the person and treats her/him in a ‘matteroffact’ way as a valued member of the community who’s having Know what, I can’t quite remember what it was called in its original form. Naturally, the public record exonerates all such people.