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Recently, I’m quite sure I was ld that students at the high schools I spoke to were using my novel, Noon, in a bit of their research papers.

Those are just throughout the month of October. Therefore, I saw that as my way of spreading Actually a little bit of awareness into their day without even trying, since amongst the characters struggles with suicide and cutting. We are talking right now about the greenish ribbon and that ribbon represents Mental Health Awareness. Maybe your roommate has intense anxiety because of upcoming tests. Nevertheless, remind them that you love them, if your cousin is struggling with Schizophrenia. So, it is important support anyone struggling with any difficult situation, since selfharm is intertwined with many mental illnesses. Sit down with them and talk. Maybe one of your best friends has been burning their forearms.

Do something with him or her to help them relax.

Pink is everywhere -in stores, on commercials, on Facebook and everywhere else imaginable.

It’s great that awareness for this disease has been marketed so well. Everyone knows October as being Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Do you know an answer to a following question. Did you know that September was Childhood Cancer Awareness month? Did you know that October is Domestic Violence Awareness month, National Down Syndrome month and, of course, Mental Health Awareness month? Typically, these letters are not sent out.

Write about how you will be there for them through their struggles if they need someone to talk to.

Write a letter to someone who is dealing with a mental illness and write about his or her strengths and successes.

Dear Letters are letters that are written to let out any stress, anger or frustration you have wards someone. Anyway, send it out, if you are feeling up to it. Writing letters is also a helpful gesture. It’s a well I’ve written in the past about Dear Letters. You can ‘flipflop’ the activity and make it into a positive one. Make a plan gether and work on it, if you know someone else who ‘selfharms’. That said, find a new coping skill and stick with it. Sometimes, supporting those who are in the same boat as you can be more powerful than working on it alone. Use this month to take a positive step forward and do something you will look back at and be happy you did. Normally, talk to a teacher you trust, if you fear counselors. Schedule an appointment with a therapist, before the end of the month. Oftentimes talk to a parent or a sibling and plan out a way get better, if you’re really feeling brave.

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mental health awareness ribbon It was associated with homosexuality that was only just barely coming closet out, when it first raised its ugly head 20 plus years ago.

In line with the website. Jeremy Irons became the first celebrity to wear the dark red ribbon at the Tony Awards. On top of that, what’s described as an act of courage on that website became contagious and many people began displaying the light red ribbon. Manyloads of illness groups use this technique to help build awareness for their cause. Notice, pink is for breast cancer, teal light blue is for ovarian cancer, blueish ribbons promote awareness about colon cancer and child abuse and, the best known, is the redish ribbon for AIDs awareness. Essentially, when you think about it, in fact the only health issue that was more stigmatizing than serious mental illness was AIDS.

The dark red concept ribbon was conceived by musician Paul Jabarra in early 1991 and he mailed them to those who were going to be attending the Tony Awards. As we all know, only Jeremy Irons wore his but it had a huge impact. Consequently, jabarra died of AIDS shortly after this. Oftentimes today, the redish ribbon is worn by countless numbers of people and has helped to raise awareness and to ‘destigmatize’. Notice that this same campaign type is required to help raise serious awareness mental illness and to help reduce stigma. Hopefully, groups in Canada and the US will join with St. Joseph’s in Hamilton and use the orange wristband and ribbons. NAMI approach well known Hollywood stars and encourage them to wear an orange bracelet or ribbon at the Oscars, the Golden Globes and other high profile public events.

Another highly successful campaign was conceived by Lance Armstrong -the ‘seven time’ Tour winner de France.

Introduced on May 17, 2004 by the Lance Armstrong Foundation and funded initially by Nike, yellowish bracelets bear Armstrong’s motto of LiveStrong. Athens Olympic Games wore these during the competitions and it is reported that the Lance Armstrong Foundation sold 300000 bracelets in a single day. Nonetheless, bracelets Millions was sold with the proceeds going to cancer research and education. Ok, and now one of the most important parts. These particular words are used because St. Basically, joseph’s believes that we need to educate the public to breakdown stigmas regarding mental illness. We need the courage to speak out and stand behind those who have a mental illness. That’s right! We want mental health clients to be treated with the dignity they deserve. Therefore, lastly, we hope for a full recovery for our mental health clients.

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